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Banking Secrecy and Nazi Gold

Stego Cash?

Re: Wine Politics Again!

Intel for the War Underway

Disinformation in L.A.

Re: War & InfoWar

PGP 5.0 beta is out at

Jim Bell goes to Jail!

encryption laws (fwd)

Re: Spam IS Free Speech

V-Chips for the Internet

Jim Bell Complaint

SSN and passport

Libraries! Partial Solution to PGP Windows Wars and Source Code

There’s something wrong…

How much you lose under Social Security –

Rotenberg as the Uber Enemy

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RE: McVeigh? Nimrods…..

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

Senate panel nixes ProCODE II, approves McCain-Kerrey bill

Interesting Supreme Court decision on Brady Bill at

The Censorware Summit: A Preview, from The Netly News

Something of Interest (fwd)

Free Money

House Tries to Liberate ICs

Re: IRS sending warning notes, violating ECPA?

The FBI in Peace and War

Brit Fascists To Track Motorists

CanadaBanAna Censors US TV (and bans decryption)

Re: Entrust Technologies’s Solo - free download

Re: bulk postage fine (was Re: non-censorous spam control)

Re: Clinton’s threat of line-item veto affect crypto bill?

Re: The Real Bell Issue / Re: Bell, etc

Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: Cypherpunk Cults)

Private Health Care [On topic, please read.]

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Re: What Will Revolution Look Like?

Re: Mad as Hell

Re: Tim May’s offensive racism (was: about RC4)

Scared of US; Where to relocate?

No Subject

Censorial leftists (Was: Interesting article)

Indices of Economic Freedom

Re: Singapore

No Subject

hashcash spam prevention & firewalls

Columbian squib on Bell sentencing

CDT VTW “aces” launch “bold” new Net-firm, by Brock Meeks

Freedom Forum report on the State of the First Amendment

Re: Why I Support Microsoft