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Re: Mail2news Gates

Re: your mail

Provably Correct Crypto?

Re: Provably Correct Crypto

anonymity review in law journal

NYET–attempted formal specs (again)

“Cypherpunks Write Code” as a Putdown

Re: There’s a hole in your crypto…

www remailer interface

“S1” encryption system (was: this looked like it might be interesting)

If only Vxxxx Fxxxxx had used encryption….

Australia, EU crypto ill news, crypto wars

Re: “Protect the children” as passphrase to Constitution

Re: Nym server development….

Data Secrecy Rift

FBI Files on Clipper Releas

Joel’s RSA-t’s

Re: Wearing RSA shirt to school

Re: pseudonyms & list health

Re: Forgery, bills, and the Four Horsemen (Articles and Comment)

not a flame please read and think about this

Senate Bill 974?

question about reputation

Re: GAK/weak crypto rationale?

Whitehouse “dissident

Corporate Use of Anon WWW Proxies

Minor Risk to LSB Steganography

Re: An opportunity not to be missed

RE: Mixmaster status


USA Today on Fear of Credit Cards over Net

Re: Encryption algorithms used in PrivaSoft (fwd)

Another Netscape Bug (and possible security hole)

Re: Another Netscape Bug (and possible security hole)

Re: Patents and trade secrets was: Encryption algorithms used in PrivaSoft

The Next Hack

Project: a standard cell random number generator

“random” number seeds vs. Netscape

Re: Patents and trade secrets was: Encryption algorithms used in PrivaSoft

Net KiddiePorn Hype on TV

getting netscape to support the remailers

Re: Another Netscape Bug (and possible security hole)

Re: NetScape’s dependence upon RSA down for the count!

Hack Microsoft?

Re: `Hack Microsoft’ challenge is NYT Computer News Daily’s top story

NYT: WWW Usage Monitoring for Marketing

David Chaum testimony

Re: Crypto APIs

Graphic encryption

Re: Graphic encryption

Re: spam detector algorithm?

Re: Man in the Middle Revisited (but not for the last time)

CoCom and Crypto Export

Re: CancelMoose = William Nagengast?

Certificate proposal

Banque des Cypherpunks

Aquaria wars ?

responce to graphic encryption replies

Re: PA Remailer Concerns

Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Oh to be a mouse in the corner…

Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

airport security

Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Re: MKE Threat Assessments

Re: [NOISE] Re: Postscript in Netscape

Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

[reformatted] how secure can privasoft be?

Java power

Re: require for new remailer list tag?


Netscape Logic Bomb detailed by IETF

Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Re: Verification of Registration

Hacking commercial systems.

USA Today Against ITAR & GAK

BlackNet Meets Stanford Law School

Re: S. 1284 To Amend (C) Act

Keyed-MD5, ITAR, and HTTP-NG

ecash remailer

Re: ecash remailer

W3 Self-Regulation?

“Dr.” Fred

alt.anonymous.messages considered harmful

Re: Radiation Detectors from Aware Electronics

censored with Perry

Many Topics are Appropriate for Discussion Here

Kallstrom Calls All Calls Tappable

Re: FBI Wants to Wiretap One of Every 100 Phones in Urban Areas

Re: alt.anonymous.messages considered harmful

FBI seeks huge wiretapping system

Re: e$: Come aaaannnndddd Get it!

Proving I’m not Bob.

GOST for sale

Netscape gives in to key escrow

Re: The future will be easy to use

Applied Cryptography Questions

nsa and netscape

Info on Netscape’s key escrow position

NIST GAK export meeting, short version

Untraceability in Mobile Networks

Re: Inherent Insecurity of Internet Commerce! (was RE: Secret

Re: Is there a lawyer in the house?

Python Cryptography Toolkit v1.0.0

(no subject)

digital receipts and cash

Re: Still more on the Digicash protocol

Re: Still more on the Digicash protocol

Re: Windows .PWL cracker implemented as a Word Basic virus

Netscape announces position against GAK


Re: More elveator problem

Is it possible?

DES Cryptanalysis

Re: The Elevator Problem

Re: Time-based cryptanalysis: How to defeat it?

Re: GAK and self-incrimination?

The Elevator Problem (a.k.a. build a private key in public)

Re: The Elevator Problem

Re: The Elevator Problem

PGP Interoperability?

Re: Secured RM ? (source) (bounce-fwd)

Re: kocher’s timing attack

Re: NIST GAK meeting writeup, LONG part 3 of 3

Re: Attacking Clipper with timing info?

The Elevator Problem & Groucho’s Duck

Java and timing info - second attempt

Bit Commitment Query

Re: revised time quantization package (Unix & WIN32) available

The Problem With Blaze And Weinstein

Encryption Rules Coming

Telcom bill report

Encryption Discrimination from Sun

Re: Telcom bill report

blind validation

Is Dr Fred Cohen a Loon???

2047 bit keys in PGP

Kocher timing attack in RISKS

Re: [NOISE] Trying to init security channel

Re: Foiling Traffic Analysis

Re: 2047 bit keys in PGP

Re: get mix-installer. (fwd)

Mixmaster On A $20 Floppy?

Re: Revoking Old Lost Keys

Re: please stop the Mitnick stuff

RE: “trust management” vs. “certified identity”

Re: Mixmaster On A $20 Floppy?

Re: e$ payee anonymity (Was: e$: Come aaaannnndddd Get it!)

Certificates: limiting your liability with reuse limitations

[Fwd: Re: ABOI: Desperate User Support]

Re: The LOGIC of Navigator 2.0 ?

A little skepticism over $60 billion

Re: DNow2> Re: DNow2 Re: Hammill 1987 speech

Can you break my encryption protocol ?

When they came for the Jews…

RC4 for HP48

Articles re Crypto

Hack Lotus?

Microsoft’s CryptoAPI - thoughts?

Re: Why is blowfish so slow? Other fast algorithms?

FWD: Internet e-mail

Ann: NOISE.SYS v0.4.1 (should be) available…

Re: Microsoft’s CryptoAPI - thoughts?

Nym use in the real world

Re: Microsoft’s CryptoAPI - thoughts?

Downsizing the NSA

RC2 source code

Re: FV Demonstrates Fatal Flaw in Software Encryption of Credit

Reply Blocks and Nyms: newbie question

Re: FV Demonstrates Fatal Flaw in Software Encryption of Credit

Re: Lotus Notes

Re: “Concryption” Prior Art

Re: Lotus Notes

No Subject