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Newbie comments.

March 1993 Communications of ACM Denning on Encryption

FWEE!: F-117A post considered harmful

Hidden encrypted messages

F-117A Nighthawk post–Conclusions of Experiment

Re: Hidden encrypted messages

CYPHER: Problems with pgp2.2 ELM scripts?

We need a FAQ.

HIDE: embedded msgs in grphics & snd

We need a FAQ.

Problems with pgp elm scripts.

Re: HIDE: embedded msgs in grphics & snd


help with pgp 2.2

How secure is an anonomous mail-server

Speaking of TEMPEST….

PGP help and comments.

Re: PGP help and comments.

PGP help

PGP error.

Smaller is better.

Re: Real-time BBS Encryption??

how secure is secring.pgp?


Phil Zimmerman on the Radio

Automation package.

Is 40 bits too little?


garbage files from pgp.

Orig. Press Release.

testing again.


mixed plaintext and crypted text.

PGP and offline-readers

BBSs under fire!


Re: Crypto constitution

re: Constitution.

pgp menu

Lets see that again…

WB: alt.whistleblower

Dolphin Encrypt.

my menu sys.

Re: VinCrypt

Re: PGP: Environment protection for UNIX

Re: VinCrypt

What do cypherpunks use?

WH email petition.

Term software development/design

Software infrastructure

Re: WH email petition.

Software infrastructure

Software infrastructure

Procomm and encryption

Re: Software infrastructure

Re: CryptoStacker, long term vision

THANKS: pgp, mh, .forward

Dig. Cash Question.


Re: Software infrastructure

Re: Dig. Cash Question.

Re: Dig. Cash Question.

My Poll.

Re: ALERT / My email address is…

Re: ALERT / My email address is… (fwd)

McCarthy lives!

My Poll….

Encrypting the list

My poll….

MAIL: logging that happens on soda


Digital Cash

Weak stenography.

Re: Weak stenography.

PGP question

PGP Menu on soda.berkeley.edu

Weak steganography

term for ibm

RE: PGP and offline-readers

Re: Ad Hominum attacks (was Re: PC Week Clipper article

Re: Thanks for the enlightenment

Re: encrypted email software

Radical Paranoia?

pgp patent.

xor data hiding?

Thesis pointer.

new crypto standard to be announced

Relation between number theory and cryptography

Re: The right to be secure (fwd Computerworld article)

Names and Reputations

Key Escrow Anecdote…

Another BBS Seizure in Hartford

Key signing, authentication

REMAIL: timestamp

“Code Warriors” Article in “Metro” Newspaper

Re: more than spread spectrum

To: an5877@anon.penet.fi

To: an5877@anon.penet.fi, again.

Re: a horrible conspiracy revealed!

Re: Why RSA?

Re: Subterranean Clipper Chip Blues

key-server down?

fido encryption.

Re: soda.berkeley.edu

FIDOnet encryption (or lack thereof)

How about a pgp RFC…

FIDONet Censorship?


FIDONet Mail filtering - a course of action



the Joy of Pseudospoofing

New Project: Lets ALL create Multiple Digital Personalities

a desperate plea

Re: a desperate plea

Re: Net Regs.

Re: help/subscribe

Security of PGP private keys

Bad Ascii armour?

Re: Words, words, words

PGP automation

pgp request?

RE: pgp and procmail

Re: ID of anonymous posters via word analysis?

Duplicate key in keyring?

Re: pgp and procmail

Re: Anonymous vs false IDs

Re: privacy, packwood, & pgp

Procmail update.

Clipper and the “Christian Right”

True Name Keyservers

True Name keys

Info on L.Detweiler




latest procmail and recipes.


value of privacy?

procmail-pgp, comments?