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SMTP Server for sending to anonymous remailers?

New nym server

Hey, there’s a camera in that palm tree!

kickouts done the Cypherpunks way…

An interesting tid-bit

Re: Australian “Walsh” report exposes the hole in key escrow

Plot of the Platypus

Patel decision pages 7 and 8 handled

Patel decision pages 7 and 8 handled

key escrow B.S. “cure” for single point of failure

CypherSaber msg [was: Re: [NTSEC] pgp 5.0 back door]

PGP 5.0: What were they thinking? (revisited)

PGP question

Re: North CA cops skip preliminaries, get straight to torture

PGPsdk is out, but not for free

PGP 5.0: Keyservers

Sloppy Chips from Intel

Scared of US; Where to relocate?

Re: Key Signing


Russ Alberry/CAUCE vs. the Cypherpunks (was: Re: RESULT:

Belinda Bryan’s Defense of Gary “Sadaam” Burnore (was: Re: Keman the K

Another Anti-Privacy Bigot Heard From (was: The Guilmette/Burnore deba

Re: Sadaam Burnore Strikes Again (was: Re: Keman the Klueless Strikes

Remailer Header Truncation?

Re: Why posts are not appearing in NG.

Re: RESULT: passes 548:122

“Good job NANAE. You really fucked up royally.” (was: Furor over Spam)

Re: Open Letter from ClickZ Publisher

Re: Further costs of war

Re: “Good job NANAE. You really fucked up royally.”

Re: mail2news at mit hasn’t worked in a week…




Re: Microsoft

Re: Spam

Congress’ real job…


RE: my thoughts for this list +

CDA? What CDA?

Re: MISTY encryption algorithm source code

sixdegreees spam

New project

Re: IP: School bans `no rules’ T-shirt

Re: GPL & commercial software, the critical distinction (fwd)

Re: Another potential flaw in current economic theory…

No Subject

Re: rules of engagement

Re: Women cannot commit rape? (fwd)

Re: AOL lameness

Re: Grounding (fwd)

Re: Grounding (fwd)

oranges spliced with THC gene

packet socket forwarder

Re: A tad more on Goldbach’s…

Re: Re: Netscape AOL Instant Messenger Confirmation (kB3bEjeb1I aohels

Re: Securing data in memory (was “Locking physical memory (fwd)

How to Spot a Government Infiltrator

Posse Comitatus