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Yet another self-labeling system (do you remember -L18?)


uncensorable net based payment system?

“Telco Terrorism” – Wired on Baby Bells v. the Net

Re: bulk postage fine (was Re: non-censorous spam control)

Whining for ‘Accountability’

Third party rating systems are good for society

Comments on PGP5.0 OCR (was Re: fyi, pgp source now available , internationally)

Can’t touch this, ugly Americans! (PGP License file)

Encrypting same data with many keys…

A peculiar notion

Cartel Leaders Set Snipers To Work In Border War

Picketing With Packets

Bad CypherPunk! No privacy! / Re: PGP5i supports RSA keys?

Re: Spam-killing PGP5/ecash postage plugin Was Re: Remailer chaining plugin for Eudora

Why Not to use PGP 5.0

Forbes article on Financial Cryptography is coming

No Subject

Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II), was Democracy is thetrue enemy…

Re: Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II), (fwd)

Re: The problem of playing politics with our constitutional rights

In Defense of Libertarianism, from HotWired’s Synapse (fwd)

(fwd) IRS Modernization

Re: Nightmare Scenario: Public Key Distribution Controlled

Escrow system design query

politics aren’t all or nothing

“Matchcode” technology sparks privacy flames…..

Why the White amendment is a good idea (fwd)

Re: Exports and criminalizing crypto

CDT complains to my editors after post to cypherpunks

The Child Molester Prevention and Effective Sentencing Act

Attitude and Assumptions

Re: Privacy Software

Source code obfuscation

Why porn must be stopped at all costs, by Jodi Hoffman

This judge needs killing

Re: The Policeman Inside