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PGP 2.3 now avail for Intergraph Clipper CPU

Crypto Conference from Hell

Nose against the grindstone

Tim’s nose (was Re: nose against the grindstone)

Secure voice software issues

re: Secure voice software issues

Chaos harnessed for encryption / Fluctuations and Order research

Re: Secure voice software issues

Software patents

Re: Electracy: Evil Revisited

Re: Apple planning to use Clipper chip?

Re: Encryption policies of Fidnet, etc.

Re: What can we do in the next few days? (fwd)

Public-Key Crypto Toolkit

[META] [LIST] Let the market decide

Re: Spread-spectrum net (vulnerability of)

Re: Leisure Suit Larry

on the term `signature’

Chaos - A noun we can live with

Re: Signing our keys

Re: ‘Resistance Is Futile’

Ever buy encryption software? YOU WILL!

AT&T Encryption Product

RE: Mounting a “Secure” filesystem in UNIX

S. Boxx == L. Detwiler

Key Servers

Statistics of Low-Order Bits in Images

anonymous video rental store

Hoax or ???

AT&T licenses crypto modules

No Subject

Notes on key escrow meeting with NSA

STEG: a real-life use for steganography

Clipper and Traffic Analysis

[CODE] Pay-per-use WWW & Mosaic?

[comp.dcom.telecom]: AT&T finally adds RSA

Crypto, satellites, & China

Tech: Encryption and Satellites (re: GI)

Side question on money laundering…

AT&T, Clipper, & Saudi Arabia

Re: AT&T, Clipper, & Saudi Arabia

PGP 2.5 for Intergraph Clipper available

“lifeguard(?)”: bullet tracking system???

Re: Black Eye for NSA, NIST, and Denning

Friends in high places

Re: Another Cellular Victim


SecureDrive for OS/2?

‘Black’ budget purchases

Supposed NSA turncoat reveals monitoring of anon remailers? >pshah!<

Government-Controlled Trust Hierarchies

DES Vulnerable, Why?

Re: No SKE in Daytona and other goodies (fwd)

Re: FW: No SKE in Daytona and other goodies

Re: FW: No SKE in Daytona and other goodies

Re: FW: No SKE in Daytona and other goodies

Re: The Terrorists are coming!

New book on public key law


Zimmermann/NSA debate postponed

Are RSA licenses fungible?

Re: Nuclear Weapons Material

Re: Are RSA licenses fungible?

Announcing Bellcore’s Trusted Software Integrity (Betsi) System

Privacy 101 digest on WWW


[job] Mac internals Programmer

Export controls apply to physical objects, too

We are ALL guests (except Eric)

Brands excluded from digicash beta

Re: Brands excluded from digicash beta

www-buyinfo list

Re: ecash trial issues explained

DigiCash unlicensed for US use

Pentium FDIV


Data Haven problems

Re: Storm Signals

Multiple symetric cyphers

EE Times on PRZ

Video encryption & QTC

Re: Don’t trust the net too much

So, where’s the key?

Re: Netscape the Big Win

Re: PRZ encrypted voice software release imminent

Re: An article for Wired magazine

[NOISE] Austin cpunks?

netscape’s response