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DES-busting Javanese pagers and TVs

Re: Fireworks expected, missed at Senate crypto hearing

No Subject

Re: Twenty Bank Robbers – Game theory:)

Twenty Bank Robbers – CLARIFICATION

Secret Power (re: “world communications being monitored”)

Free Speech and List Topics

Voluntary Disclosure of True Names

Re: Exactly the point Lance… [Fwd: HipCrime and Art]

Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

[crypto-philo]OTP or DES?

Re: Dr. Vulis is not on cypherpunks any more

Re: FW: Dr. Vulis is not on cypherpunks any more

Re: Blocking addresses by default

Re: [rant] Re: Censorship on cypherpunks

Rush disses anonymity

FUCK YOU punk/was:Taking out the garbage

Provably “Secure” Crypto (was: IPG Algorithm Broken!)

Re: Bounty Server, Revisited.

Counterproductive Dorothy Denning Flames

A quick discussion of Mersenne Numbers

The House Rules At The Permanent Virtual Cypherpunks Party

Chek it out

Re: Executing Encrypted Code

Re: encryption program

Nature Registration Confirmation

Re: I beg you, PLEASE prove that 0.123456789101112131415 is IRRATIONAL

[Math Noise] (fwd)

Re: [Math Noise] (fwd)

Re: Anonymous mail as spam?

Hashcash for Emacs

RE: Chutzpah! FBI Calls Privacy Extremists Elitist