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Re: Why Americans feel no compulsion …

Trojan Horse Loose On The Internet

Re[2]: What’s the “Human Interaction Institute” at CMU For ???

Re: [NOISE] Toast Fishing in America

Welcome to Express!

Spaces in passwords

FW: EARN $350 PER DAY!!!



Re: plaugue of unsubscribes

Re: E-mail harassment by c2

Re: [NOISE] Re: Nazis on the Net

Re: Freedom and security

Re: aufweidersehn, * grave$

Policy Post 2.21 - Your Privacy Online: CDT Unveils Demo & Clearinghouse

Re: Anonymous stock trades.

[RANT] Giving Mind Control Drugs to Children

Washington Post – “Block but Verify”

Re: CookieScan 0.0 rev 0

Re: Filtering out Queers is OK

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Thanks to Prof. Sternlight for postings to CYPHERPUNKS

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Re: Bare fibers

Re: Responding to Pre-dawn Unannounced Ninja Raids

Re: Bare fibers

Produce 7 Hertz Frequency

Twenty Bank Robbers – Game theory:)

Am I protected by ignorance?


Corporate e-mail policy

Public report of the EU crack.

The futility of trying to “tag” ammunition

Re: Boom!

Re: Massively parallel carbon-unit-based voice pattern matching


Re: (Off Topic) Re: FCC_ups

Re: Unmetered Net Usage

Re: SCO giving free licenses to UNIX OpenServer

Re: talker

Anonymous FedEx, was: What is the EFF doing exactly?

Re: take the pledge

Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense… [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

Re: mailing lists

Re: Nonsense, absolute nonsense… [Fwd: HipCrime and Spam]

who can count?

“Unwanted Mail”

Re: J’accuse!: Whitehouse and NSA vs. Panix and VTW

Forwared message from Pres. of juno.com

Spam blacklist project

All Bets Off


[joke, non-code] Re: Get this for a snake-oil example :)

A Bizarre Increase in the Ad Hominems Here

Re: timmy waxes a widdle on AP

Re: Assassination Politics, was Kiddie porn on the Internet

Re: Internet File System?

The periodic word of advice about Timmy C. Maypole, the pathological liar

Re: Mercenaries

possible solution to cyber S/N

Snooping ISP admin??

Re: Workers, Public Schools, Tradesmen, and Justice

Does any body know anything about this?

This list is a joke

[IMPORTANT] Blowfish

the theory of split currency

Inflation-index bonds and private e-currency

Re: Missionaries (was: “Mormon Asshole?” re: GAK)




Prove it in Court First


extortion via digital cash

[POINTERS] On Vulis’ net background

Re: Usenet and Re: extortion via digital cash

Re: Prof Shamir arrested

Tim May is a fine person.

Re: Blue Box Plans & hacker bbs’s

Reason for AP anonymity

(no subject)

Rumours of NSA breakin

Re: “Montgolfiering” mindlessness

Re: ‘what cypherpunks is about’

Re: anonymous oddsman

Black Unicorn exposed?

Pyramid schemes and cryptoanarchy

two bogus messages to this list

Q.E.D |= Montgolfiering + Inbongis + Fermented Pear Juice

Re: Does John Gilmore…

Re: FW: RE: FW: Viel Glueck!

Re: Stewart Baker on new crypto rules

Re: Symantec’s claim.

Merry Christmas, HipXmas-SantaSpam!

sorry for the spam!

A Message From Sue

WARNING: VIRUS: [Was: Re: Encryption to the poors]

Re: OCR and Machine Readable Text

Fukkin Elite!

Newt’s phone calls

Re: Newt’s phone calls

Re: How to crack


No Dimitri??

Re: Rejection policy of the Cypherpunks maiing list

Re: Rejection policy of the Cypherpunks maiing list

Re: “alt.cypherpunks” people?

Re: “alt.cypherpunks” people?

Been good to know ya …

Been good to know ya …


My Thread / Was–Re: Light Bulbs & newsgroups

Re: My Thread / Was–Re: Light Bulbs & newsgroups

Re: My Thread / Was–Re: Light Bulbs & newsgroups

Staale & Elm

Business needs over citizen rights

Re: Wine Politics Again! (fwd)

Anonymous Remailers

Hey, what does this mean?

Nym Servers

[noise] AGIS says “no more spam”? (fwd)

There’s something wrong when I’m a felon under an increasing number of

Re: Webpage picketing?… (fwd)

Re: Webpage picketing (fwd)

TV Commercial

Steak Knife Decryption

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

Kerrey bill introduced in Senate

Re: The Tao


Re: spam on this list

Interesting Supreme Court decision on Brady Bill at http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/95-1478.ZS.html

Re: Mack the Harrs over (fwd)


Contracts on the Net (NYT)

Re: Forged Posts

Something of Interest (fwd)

Dr. McVeigh / Re: A peculiar notion

Guy Polis

Re: Guy Polis (fwd)

Forged headers

Not enough phone competition? Answer: regulate more!

Re: FCPUNX:McVeigh on McVeigh


[Fwd: Your newsgroup post …]

ROTFL / Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: CypherPunk Cults)

take The Boulder Pledge now!!!

You Have Over a 50% Chance of Being Owed Money!

No Subject

“Smack” the lawyer of your choice…but smack!

No Subject

Meet-in-the-middle attack

Re: y2k as ideological opportunity.

Source code obfuscation

Re: Clinton’s Bigger Gun Ban

Victim Ordered to Surrender Computer and Passwords

Why porn must be stopped at all costs, by Jodi Hoffman

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Re: Forging your return address.

Y2K: Canada status?

How anonymous?

Survey: Police Satisfaction [CNN]

Re: Further costs of war

US Air Force IPSEC Requirements

Re: [RePol] Denizen

At night, the ice weasels come…

Superdistribution development/release

No Subject

Warez 39

Re: Is Anonymous Communication only for “Criminals”? (was: Re: UCENET II and Peter duh Silva)

Re: Making them eat their words… (while they watch!)

No Subject

Best Cypherpunk long gun

Re: Best Cypherpunk long gun (fwd)

New hi-tech dog tags use encryption?… [CNN]

Re: Guns: H&K, G3, 7.62 v 5.56 [Guns] (fwd)

Re: cypherpunks and guns

Re: cypherpunks and guns

Re: Congratulations!

Re: Congratulations!

1 Question to Dr. Froomkin…

Re: cypherpunks and guns

Kaczynski attempts suicide

Ultra computer

Re: Certification

State of the Union Address

County Mounties Spit on the 4th Amendment

Airline ticket information – help

Re: the best justice money can buy –Lessig (fwd)


Stupid Law

Re: AnyWho puts a reverse phone book on the Net

The Filth Dogman of the Surveillance Apocalypse

Re: Cost of Ak manufacture


Army, Navy and Alt2600 Farce

[Fwd: 3Com switches - undocumented access level.]

Re: web site on 18 yr olds losing virginity

vinyl stickers

Re: Paul Merrill, his eyes uncovered! (or so he claims)

iz it

Please help

I’m from the government, and I’m here to control your email….

Re: Pipe


U.S. House only has a T-1


Re: Hacker D00D

Re: Jury duty considered harmful, or at least rare

No Subject

Increase Your Paycheck Next Week

NT5 Ships 96 years early!!!

IP: ISP not liable for customer’s messages

“Microsoft is racist”

Break DES Fast!


Elder Kennedy ordered to tesify to Grand Jury (if you can call it that) [CNN]

JOBOP Software Engineer

Re: Elder Kennedy ordered to tesify to Grand Jury (if you can (fwd)

Could E.M. Cordian be Matt Blaze in Disguise? (Nah!)

No Subject


Piracy and cypherpunks

the shit hitting the fan (fwd)

Altavista hacked

spy cameras

Global Strike to protest Wassenaar

I must admit. . .

RE: Clinton Attacks Iraq