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Running regularly

Some stuff about Diffie-Hellman (and more :-)

doj_escrow_intercept.procedures (fwd)

Crypto Regulation Reform

CERT advisory

Re: Some stuff about Diffie-Hellman (and more :-)

Re: Some stuff about Diffie-Hellman (and more :-)

Re: Crypto Regulation Reform

Re: Crypto Regulation Reform


Re: Crypto Regulation Reform

Oh No! Nazis on the Nets

Re: Actively Sabotaging Clipper and Capstone? (fwd)

decrencr or crypdec?


The Clipper connection

AT&T stopped talking to me

Precedent for PGP legality


Insecurity of public key crypto #2 (reply to May)

clipper + enaction = illegal alternate encryption

Re: Dorothy Denning

Clipper (Re: Dorothy Denning)

Screen and secure sessions

Wrong permissions for screen.man