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PGP posting validation

Re: PGP posting validation

Re: PGP posting validation



Bobby Inman pulling his name

No Subject

Making unsubscribes easier

ADMIN: list statistics

Atlantis Project/Oceania

Meeting Logs

Meeting Ramblings

MOO: on the virtual meeting

Subscribe me.

Pornography Server

Gun conversion info banned

Safire Savages Clipper

Detweiler abuse again


Big Bother Inside Stickers at cpsr.org

Big Brother PostScripts

Re: Big Brother PostScripts

The White House (fwd)

Re: Detweiler abuse again


CERT Funding

RATINGS: Subject tags

RATINGS: proposal

New mailing list?

InfoMercials / Getting the word out

Re: lists of U.S. cypherpunks and Tentacles.

Clipper and Amendment 4

VIRTUAL meeting needed

Reply-To: header

Looking for listserver

he’s baaaaaaaack

Administrivia: Questions about the List


Re: Administrivia: Questi

EFF Pioneer award: I nominate Phil Zimmerman…


PRZ is still at large

Positive uses for PGP

THOUGHT: International Electronic Declaration of Rights


Clipper’s Revenge

Clipper Comparisons for non-geeks

FYI (fwd)

You Will…

Hillary’s “Zone of Privacy” ???

the soda cypherpunks ftp site

Directory of ‘punks

Re: Directory of ‘punks

not a geek ;-)

Re: Keyserver service outage

Forwarded mail… (fwd)

Regarding Mr. Nalbandian’s Comments

Re: MIT PGP Announcement (fwd) (fwd)

So what happened?

Is the list down?

Re: ping


Re: Idiots

Another sensationalist Newsweek Article

Yet Another T-Shirt Proposal

Re: The Wisdom of Stuart A. Baker

Penet spoofing

To anon remailer operators…

Re: To anon remailer operators…

How good is MIT-PGP 2.5?

PGP 2.5 Beta Release Over, PGP 2.6 to be released next week

PGP 2.6 and the future

PGP outside the US


Combatting 2.6

PGP 2.5 problems?

MIT has released PGP 2.6

PGP 2.6 is dangerous in the long term ?

Re: PGP 2.6 is dangerous in the long term ?

PGP 2.confusion

Re: PGP 2.confusion (fwd)

Cypherpunks’ Electronic Book2

Digested Version no longer available

“Packet Sniffers”

Re: Is cypherpunks archived somewhere?

Is cypherpunks archived somewhere?

AT&T “You Will” Sticker in Postscript


Snakes and tentacles

How to disable telnet to port 25

CFV on Signing Posts To List?


Re: Stegno for Kids

Dangerous Web Site

Amusing thing that might interest

REQUEST: Privacy/Free Speech URLs

Six month mail processing delay :-)


Dr. Seuss, Technical Writer

RSA129 Project

Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act of 1995 (fwd)

Crisis Overload (re Electronic Racketeering)

mistake on my part

Fight, or Roll Over?

On a lighter note…

Expansion on my earlier rant (long)

Root Causes

Minnesota Cypherpunks Meeting


PINESIGN: Simple Script for Signing Pine Email

Ack! It’s not my fault!

RC4 crack

Re: RC4 crack

PINESIGN 2.0: A simple script for PGP signing Pine mail

We appear…

TINSIGN: Simple script for PGP signing messages in Tin 1.22

Re: “Hey Phil! Stop telling people not to use PGP!” (plus: “help me with my PGP problems!”) (fwd)

Something occured to me

There’s a hole in your crypto, dear Eliza dear Eliza…

US vs Overseas Banks

House Adopts Exon-Like Speech Crimes, Also Adopts Cox/Wyden Amendment

How To Spot a Spook page

Conspiracies and “Ciphergroupies”


Who Else is Reading your Email? (From Cu Digest, #7.67)

Who Else is Reading your Email? (From Cu Digest, #7.67)

My pseudo-anonymous dream list

Randal Schwartz Petition

RC40 and what we still need to do

Silly technical question from a non-technical person

use PGP for http encryption instead!

Export policy change

ADMIN: You might not be on the list anymore!

PINESIGN 2.2 (re: PGP for Pine)

Phil Zimmermann/Amnesty International?

University logging mail to anon.penet

Problems with netscape patch and W95

Revised CJR

Disk Encryption Software

Re: News on Congressional Debate on Exon

Re: The Elevator Problem

Free calls to Govt (fwd)

PGP/PINE integration

Need a “warning” graphic of some kind for CDA

Re: Need a “warning” graphic of some kind for CDA

New discussion group “CDA96-L” = COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT of 1996 (fwd)

New discussion group “CDA96-L” = COMMUNICATIONS DECENCY ACT of 1996 (fwd)

[BABBLE] Like a Rolling Stone

Complete Waste of Bandwidth

Security of PGP if Secret Key Available?

Re: Surf-filter lists

Filtering out Queers is OK


Interesting Web Site for Data Protection

A Spam Experiment

Re: McVeigh