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.sig followup

myths of software “standards” (long)

Someone’s screwing around with

Re: “Contempt” charges likely to increase

Bank transactions on Internet

Re: (Fwd) British Study Claims That Photo Credit Cards Don’t Work

Scientologists may subpoena anonymous remailer records

Re: Message not deliverable

Re: Know Your Net.Enemies Project

RE: questions about bits and bytes

Re: Protocols at the Point of a Gun

Re: unsubscrive

key bit lengths

RSA & Sec. Dyn.

RE: math patents

Bernstein ruling meets the virus law

Re: 5th protect password?

Re: spinner entropy

Re: 5th protect password?

Re: Golden Key Campaign

CryptoAnarchy: What’s wrong with this picture?

PGP and pseudonyms

code vs cypher

Re: PGP and pseudonyms

Re: The Joy of Java

“lite” version of cpunks available?

towards an eternity service

Re:really undetectable crypto made somewhat practical

Public domain SHA-1 in C

Re: Public domain SHA-1 in C


Re: Netescrow & Remailers?

Another possible remailer attack?

Re: Another possible remailer attack?

Re: PGP3.0 & ElGamal

Re: Is /dev/random good enough to generate one-time pads?

RSA key generation in 13 lines of Perl

The Upcoming DES Challenge