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Re: GSM technology

Re: GSM crypto upgrade? (was Re: Newt’s phone calls)

Re: FBI Gets 500 Mil to Tap Your Communications

Re: ADSL (Was: GSM technology

Re: greed and the internet

Re: Public Key Partners

Re: Encrypting ZIP disks

Re: Cellular location…

RE: Fighting the cybercensor

Re: Fighting the cybercensor

Intelligence Update (fwd)

RE: Fighting the cybercensor

Re: Fighting the cybercensor. (fwd)

Re: Intelligence Update (fwd)

Re: “Strong” crypto and export rule changes.

GAK/KR spin

New X-Ray Imager

Your tax dollars at work

Re: Govt & cyberspace

Re: BA Crypto Machine Photos

ITAR and Paper ROM

IEEE Communications

Waiting for Mac version [was Re: Full strength Email Clients]

Re: IEEE Communications

Re: [Declan McCullagh: “A List Goes Down In Flames,” from Netly]

48-bit RC5 code broken [fwd]

The Science Generations, II

PDAs as alternatives to smart cards?

Telecom Frequently Asked Questions File - 1997 Edition [fwd]

ISP access fee rebuttal

Still no sign of alt.cypherpunks heirarchy at Netcom

Re: Why Digital Video Disks are late to market

Reporting threshold for NY money transfers lowered

Re: Reporting threshold for NY money transfers lowered

Crypto, C4 Explosives, and Destroying the Infrastructure

Re: PGP 5.0 beta is out at

Nature of Anarchy/ Anarchy of Nature

DCSB: Fred Hapgood on the Internet as an Auction-Pricing Incubator

Re: Jim Bell goes to Jail!

More on the Jim Bell case

Re: The USA is the world’s biggest terrorist state

More Sky Station Info

Jim Bell Complaint

Beware of encrypted processors bearing gifts…

Re: Beware of encrypted processors bearing gifts…

Judge bans Internet gambling company from operating in Missouri

Time Magazine: “No Privacy on the Web” (6/2/97)

There’s something wrong when I’m a felon under an increasing number of


Profanity, PCS phones, and FCC

Founding Fathers & Federalism

Kill the children!

My War

Re: Access to Storage and Communication Keys

Current wording of SAFE criminal use provision

There’s no general right to privacy – get over it, from Netly

e$: Skins vs. Shirts

How much you lose under Social Security –

Re: Impact of Netscape kernel hole

Fw: Advance Bank launches ecash

Senator Bryan on S. 909

Courts strike down New York and Georgia Net-censorship laws

CP uses for the PGP 5.0 source

The Global Fix is In

Bomb Making Info to be Illegal

ATMs a better target (was: breaking RSA in hardware)

Re: Bomb-making instructions….

Re: Liberating the Bits

Re: e$: $MTP? (fwd)

Re: Just Say “No” to Congress

Re: Hack the Mars rover (fwd)


Spread Spectrum Surveillance Modules

Cast of Characters for Crypto Politics (Judiciary Hearing)

Recreational pharmaceuticals by genetic engineering

Re: The Recent Trend in “Collective Contracts”

Routing around damage

Electronic commerce has long way to go

Making Imaginary Sex Illegal

Re: CCTV Cameras in Britain

Re: VeriSign Granted First Federal Approval to Issue CertificatesEnabling Export of Strong Encryption

Re: Censorware Summit Take II, from The Netly News

AlterNIC takes over InterNIC traffic

Verisign gets export approval


Crypto implants

Keepers of the keys

No Subject

Rating online content can work

Re: Entrust Technologies’s Solo - free download


Eternity Content Suggestions

Export Tax vs ITAR as a compromise …

Re: bulk postage fine (was Re: non-censorous spam control)

Query on cookies

Eternity Uncensorable?

Re: uncensorable net based payment system?

A peculiar notion

The slippery slope

“Leotards and the Law,” morphed child porn lawsuit, from Netly

“Morphed” child porn case ruling text (FSC v. Reno)

Re: FCPUNX:Getting ecash without an MTB account

Re: (Fwd) FWD: Texas Driver’s License database on the web

Re: Socio-Economic Cults (Re: Cypherpunk Cults)

The End of Politics

U.S. Refugees Flee to Germany

Democracy is the true enemy, and anarchists fight the true enemy (fwd)

Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II), was Democracy is thetrue enemy…

Re: EMP & Cars (fwd)

Re: Removing Tyranny from Democracy (Part II), (fwd)

Government shows its hand…good news!

Minnesota wins ruling.. in LV website lawsuit

Key Recovery is Bad for US Security

Effect of new crypto provisions on e-commerce?

Re: Nightmare Scenario: Public Key Distribution Controlled

Pro-censorship lobbyist calls for AOL boycott

Notes from the Cypherpunks September Bay Area Meeting

politics aren’t all or nothing

PBS Newshour?

RJ Op-Ed piece

EAR question

Minnesota Appeals Court Affirms Jurisdiction of the State

Crypto-victory in Commerce; Oxley talks about nuking Congress

You Used MY Name?!?!?

Remailers and ecash


Re: Remailers and ecash

Re: Remailers and ecash

Re: russia_1.html

Re: Internet Via Electric Lines?

Canadian crypto export/re-export rules

IW resources

Re: Saving money

Re: Click HERE for Boy Sex

Microsoft’s CMR Keys

Kids…don’t try this at home! / Re: Roby latest

Kyl S-474 Anti-Gambling Bill passes committee

Re: Killing those who need killing (fwd)

Terrorism is a NON-THREAT (fwd)

Re: Protocols for Insurance to Maintain Privacy

Re: democracy?! (fwd)

Technology ‘secures’ gunfire [CNN]