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Re: Num Rat

We appear…

cfs for linux

cfs on linux - rpcgen broken in slackware distribution!

64 bit keys breakable by the NSA or just some random key length?

Costs of Credit Card Fraud and Brute-Force Codebreaking

Linux brutessl client

Brute SSL Challenge

Auto-pgp for pine/elm/tin (fwd)

Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

Re: Sigh Re: not a flame please read and think about this

away from my mail

spam apology

Re: Simple Hardware RNG Idea

truth in advertising: Netscape 1.1 on security


CFS and Linux

PLA_gue Germ Terrorism

Re: NSA says strong crypto to china??

BIG NEWS: PRZ investigation dropped!

Novel use of Usenet and remailers to mailbomb from luzskru@cpcnet.com

PRZ grand jury - how about free accts for them…

Unzipping pgp for vax (fwd)

Crypto Exports, Europe, and Conspiracy Theories

FV Demonstrates Fatal Flaw in Software Encryption of Credit Cards

THE JEWS (ALL of them!) Try to kick Ernst Zundel off Usenet!!

The OCAF’s White Paper on Internet Pornography

Defeating untrustworthy remailers?

Re: has this been on cypherpunks? (fwd)

Type I capabilities added to mix@zifi.genetics.utah.edu

cfs users group dead?


lead remailer is shut down

lead remailer is shut down