1992-09-22 - Radio program on wiretaps and encryption: Wednesday at noon

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From: gnu
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From: gnu
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 92 12:17:43 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Radio program on wiretaps and encryption:  Wednesday at noon
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Newsgroups: sci.crypt,alt.privacy,alt.activism
Subject: Radio program on wiretaps and encryption:  Wednesday at noon
Message-Id: <35449@hoptoad.uucp>
Date: 22 Sep 92 19:15:19 GMT

The Telecommunications Radio Project at KPFA is producing a series of
thirteen hour-long radio programs on issues in communications.  The
first program is on the FBI's `Digital Telephony' e-z-wiretap proposal
and the politics of encryption.

The first half-hour will be an introduction and a panel discussion,
featuring Jim Bidzos of RSA Data Security; Jim Kalstrom, head of
investigative technology for the FBI; and me, representing the
Electronic Frontier Foundation.  You can phone in questions and comments
in the second half of the show.  The call-in number is:

	+1 800 464 5732

This program will be broadcast live on Wed, September 23, at noon, on
these California stations:

	KPFA	Berkeley
	KPFK	Los Angeles
	KHSU	Arcata

These other stations will be picking up the broadcast, 
and probably transmitting it at a later time.  Phone the station to find
out when it's scheduled.

KMUD	Redway, California	KCBL	Sacramento, California
KPBS	San Diego, California	WMNF	Tampa, Florida
KSUI	Iowa City, Iowa		KSAI	Minneapolis, Minnesota
KSMU	Springfield, Missouri	WCPN	Cleveland, Ohio
WYSO	Yellow Springs, Ohio	WBAI	New York, New York
WXXI	Rochester, New York	WEOS	Geneva, New York
KRCL	Salt Lake City, Utah	KPBX	Spokane, Washington
KUOW	Seattle, Washington

If you are not with in reach of a station that is broadcasting the
Communications Revolution, please call your local station and pitch it
to the program director.  Have them call the Telecommincations Radio
Project at KPFA, at +1 510 848 6767 x263 or x264.

Future shows (Wednesdays at noon) will cover isses like how the concept
of libraries is changing; what information is availible to (and held
back from) the public; and electronic democracy where the voters can
feed back directly to goverment agencies or change the outcome of an
election via computer networks.

Please tune in, and phone in good questions.  See you in the airwaves!
John Gilmore                gnu@toad.com  --  gnu@cygnus.com  --  gnu@eff.org
"It isn't given to us to know those rare moments when people
 are wide open and the lightest touch can wither or heal."