Notable Posters (First Name A-Z)

Be aware that the set of emails was collated manually and may not reflect all email addresses for used by particular person on the list. It may also include email addresses of people who were imitating that person for trolling purposes.

Adam Back

Bram Cohen

Bruce Schneier

Eric Hughes

Hal Finney

Ian Grigg

Jim Bell

John Gilmore

John Perry Barlow

Julian Assange

Martin Hellman

Matt Blaze

Mitch Kapor

Nick Szabo

Perry E. Metzger

Philip R. Zimmermann

Ryan Lackey

Timothy C. May

Some of these appear to be people trolling Tim C. May via impersonation. Apply judgement where necessary.

Wei Dai

Whitfield Diffie

Bryce “Zooko” Wilcox