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Privacy-friendly auditing

Anonymous code name allocated. (fwd)

neural nets

Re: On The Inherent Evil of Electronic Democracy

Re: Spooking of neural nets and image recognition…

Electracy: Evil Revisited

Re: [uk.transport] Speed Camera with OCR

Solicitation of Tax Evasion–An Example

Re: Electronic Democracy

Crypto Protocols are Hard to Analyze

Re: genetic algorithms for crypto analysis

Re: genetic algorithms for crypto analysis


“more money than brains?”

Physical security lapses will getcha every time.

Crypto Visions


Virtual City (tm) and Virtual Capitalism (fwd)

Re: Spread-spectrum net (vulnerability of)

Re: on anonymity, identity, reputation, and spoofing


Re: A favor re Detweiler (ha ha ha)

Increasing subscriber base (fwd)

Re: Commerce Models (fwd)

Commerce models

Real-world digicash

Commercial aspects of digital cash

Mostly offline digicash

(fwd) Clipper and Tipper on Route 666

Re: (fwd) Clipper and Tipper on Route 666

CPSR Alert 2.05

some pseudopool FUN

The Contortions of Cypherpunks

/dev/null for e-mail; remailer diffusion structures

Re: Online Shopping and Banking? (fwd)

Re: anonymous postings and trust

BlackNet Investigations Needs More Detail (fwd)

strong crypto => increase in rubber-hose attacks?

response to Detweiler/Boxx/ad nauseum


VOTE: Proposition desist: no

Re: Signing pictures – how hard, how long?

Digital Cash Session as Worldwide Electrnoic Commerce Conference (fwd)

Internet billing scam?

IIA, more info


Credit cards vs. digital cash

Welcome to IIA (fwd)

Crypto and Taxes

alternative to Fair Cryptosystems

Re: speaks

REMAIL: Cover traffic


Re: why ecash is traceable

Re: Crypto + Economics + AI = Digital Money Economies

Re: DigiCash

Privacy Marketing

Recovering lost coins in ecash

Security via Sounding Impressive

Micropayments: myth?

Accounting costs: the need for better metaphors