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I am looking to hire a crypto person….

Re: Can someone validate this code?

What the NSA is patenting

Why Cryptography is Harder than it Looks (LONG)

New Website: Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography, Blowfish,Counterpane

DES in IBM 730 Assembler and/or COBOL

Cryptographers made fun of on late-night network television

Meeting Report: “Developing the Advanced Encryption Standard”

Re: Meeting Report: “Developing the Advanced Encryption Standard”

Crypto ‘97: Information and Registration Form

AES Comments

Corrected Printing of Applied Cryptography Now Available

Dr. Dobbs Cryptography and Security CD-ROM

S/MIME Crack? Beware press bearing incomplete stories

Re: What’s really in PGP 5.5?

Why CMR is bad civic hygene;the short version

PGP Key Escrow and Congress

Re: Encyrption Program



Re: Comparing PGP to Symantec’s Secret Stuff

Re: British Ministers Adopt Unbreakable Crypto

RE: Announcement: RPK InvisiMail released on 12 Jan, 1998

Re: 3DES Weakness

Re: 2nd announcement of ASIACRYPT’98

Network Security Solutions Conference Announcement

NSA GAK Report Up

Twofish (our AES Submission) is Available

Twofish soruce code outside the U.S.

Converting my Twofish PostScript file to pdf

I have the Twofish paper in pdf; thanks

Comments on “Encryption is Key to Securing Data” 22 Jun 98

Security Newsletter from Bruce Schneier

Internet is rickety

Announcement: Cryptanalysis of Frog (an AES Candidate)

Microsoft Electronic Commerce patent: Prior Art?

Announcement: New Twofish Results

Announcing: WWW Cryptography Article Database

Announcement: $10,000 Twofish Cryptanalysis Contest

ArcotSign (was Re: Does security depend on hardware?)

Re: ArcotSign (was Re: Does security depend on hardware?)

Wanted: Twofish source code

Twofish News: New Twofish Analaysis and the Cryptanalysis of Magenta

Announcement: A Self-Study Course in Block Cipher Cryptanalysis

Review of TriStrata Public Information

propose: `cypherpunks license’ (Re: Wanted: Twofish source code)

Electronic Commerce: The Future of Fraud

L5 algorithm patent, and free eval version

Twofish/AES News

The Fallacy of Cracking Contests