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Positive uses for PGP

Re: PGP 2.5

Zimmermann statement on PGP 2.6

PGP bastardization (fwd)

Zimmermann debate with NSA on 8/25

Zimmermann on PGP 2.6 myths

Zimmermann/NSA debate postponed

PGP 2.6.1 release from MIT

prz in NYC on Saurday, Sunday

PRZ on 2048-bit keys, etc.

Key Forfeiture, not Key Escrow

UPS sorters love PGP

Zimmermann interrogated without counsel

Herbert S. Zim dies

Name that phone

January meeting with Zimmermann’s prosecutor

The little sex kitten

The little sex kitten – untrue story

Revocation of Zimmermann’s fossil key

Zimmermann case is dropped.

“PRZ a nazi” to be retracted

“PRZ a nazi” to be retracted

PGP and Human Rights

PGP and Human Rights, continued

Zimmermann’s Senate testimony

New web page for