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i miss carol anne cyphergrrl

spawn of Vulis

thought for the day, and my IRS Investigations report

custom and privacy

sober reflection

NSA leak magic

Re: non-censorous spam control (was Re: Spam is Information?)

spam is good for you

HIP hip hooray

I am not a cracker

Re: HIP hip hooray

journalism, travel and manufacturing

Re: write up AP for FC++

Alex le Heux

Re: write up AP for FC++


DigiCash issuers

Dear Scott Adams: I hear you need a fresh target…

How to use PGP without wasting your time

in defense of Lon Horiuchi

Re: in defense of Lon Horiuchi

side effects of techno-arms-races considered beneficial

Re: MatchPseudonym Technology / Re: encouraging digital pseudonyms


counter-intuitive – spam is good for you. anonymous assholes are your friend

No Subject

GAK, CAP, “escrow”, “recovery” – Minitru has us so confused we fight amongst ourselves

Is Adam Back falling for one of Minitru’s tricks?

commercial data recovery

everybody wants a piece of Microsoft’s monopoly

spoofing as performance art

in celebration of informational “vandalism”

John Young, stegonym

launch memes

words have value, for good or ill

No Subject

Re: Deriving economic profits from writing FREE software?