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Keys & Signatures

George Gleason speaks out about cryptography: Today 2PM Berkeley.

Detailed Scenario of Dongle Usage

understandable cypher software

remailers, the prime user of bandwidth in the US (well, not yet)


Re: A solution remailer signature suppression

Initial Release of Privacy Enhanced Mail

FYI: New report on public public-key infrastructure available

need for more anon remailer sites

If People Were Honest

SunExpress to expand “unlockable” software distribution

Privacy Enhanced Mail proceeds to Proposed Standard

RSA assurance referenced in PEM posting

Re: `Sunday Times’ article on GSM changes

CELP speech compression code at

[“Vinton G. Cerf”: Technology Policy and Information Infrastructure]

FCC Proposed Ruling on Scanners That Receive Cellphone Transmissions

[ Re: Technology Policy and Information Infrastructure ]

[Re: Crypto Technology Policy]

Re: mailing list postings from possible virus authors mailing list postings from possible virus authors

Remarks of John Perry Barlow to the First International Symposium on National Security & National Competitiveness

Moral dilemma.

Re: more ideas on anonymity

more ideas on anonymity

Re: A novel (?) return address idea

Re: more ideas on anonymity

there ain’t no usenet “backbone”

REMAIL: cypherpunks strategy

Anonymity, accountability, and control

White House press release on encryption policy

EFF crypto statement and press release

FAQ: Overview of crypto

Meets ‘n Greets (IRC Meetings Maybe?)

Wired `Cypherpunk’ issues will be available at the meeting

CRYPTO ‘93 - Conference Announcement & Final Call for Papers

Spooks like Suns (FYI)

He’s all yours…

Markey hearings on Thursday will be on the Internet MBone

Markey Hearing Thursday 930AM

[Gavin Doughtie: Electronic escrow?]

Questions to the White House from the Digital Privacy and Security Working Group

Forestalling paranoia

Another license server begs for cryptanalysis

Steganography and Steganalysis

Re: Steganography and Steganalysis

Work the work!

Re: CryptoStacker, long term vision

TIS/PEM FAQ as of 8 June 1993

McCarthy lives!

AT&T Encrypting Phone Ad in WS Journal

Digital cash software

forward: Cu Digest, #5.43 – 2600 & CPSR House Subcommittee Testimony

that cipher I wrote

Patent libraries

Some FOIA results re Clipper

A public experiment in how private our lives really are

hardware RNG


Int’l Conf on Signal Processing Apps & Tech, Santa Clara, 28Sep93

1st Amendment vs. ITAR: bibliography

Looking for biblio re commercialization of encryption

Matchbook reminders for EFF / Cypherpunk members

Loop stopped, I hope.

Hoptoad disk screwup

EFF T-Shirt design contest

You want to use DSA? Apply for a personal license from NIST!

A few more slogan ideas

NSA FOIA hearing in SF – Monday 2 August, 10AM

`Web of trust model’ matches common business situation too

My personal objection to NIST’s DSS exclusive licensing proposal


Key-Escrow (black) Humor

Big Brother’s New Eyes – Economist, August 7th

Chaos harnessed for encryption / Fluctuations and Order research

Re: Secure voice software issues

Requesting all records of the Clipper review panel

[DEC] U.S. Computer May Have Violated Export Regulations

Crypto Protocols are Hard to Analyze

Crypto Consulting / Employment Opportunities at Microsoft

Whit Diffie on Sept 27th Sunergy Satellite TV Broadcast

Re: Another BBS Seizure in Ha

CLIPPING CLIPPER by Lance Hoffman, by permission from CACM

Re: Free Electronic Cash

Four new alt-groups on government agencies we love to hate

Privacy Advocate Position, Madison, Wisconsin

Crack DES in 3.5 hours for only $1,500,000!

RC2/RC4 were uninfluenced by NSA, says Ron Rivest

fwds from RISKs

Whit Diffie on satellite TV, Sept 28th


Gopher access to Federal Register

Re: meaningless rumor

Great quote from public NIST comments on Clipper

EE Times Nov 22, p1: “US weighs Clipper chip alternatives”

FOIA: Released Records

FOIA: Cellular Encryption

FOIA: Sensor fusion

Revised Clipper FOIA results from Asst Secretary of Defense

Twelve year flashback to Admiral Bobby Inman

Export request (CJR) filed for Kerberos Bones

NSA wants to buy 10,000-70,000 Clipper PCMCIA cards by March

SunFed protests NSA procurement in High Performance Workstations 2

Josh Quittner’s Newsday column on Cypherpunks

Commodity Jurisdiction success for Kerberos Bones!