1992-11-16 - Cryptographer jailed for selling crypto to political opposition?

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From: gnu
To: markoff@nyt.com
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UTC Datetime: 1992-11-16 09:45:42 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 01:45:42 PST

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From: gnu
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 01:45:42 PST
To: markoff@nyt.com
Subject: Cryptographer jailed for selling crypto to political opposition?
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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 92 02:17:47 -0500
From: barlow@icecube.pinedale.wy.us (John Perry Barlow)
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To: gnu@toad.com
Subject: Here's one to pass on to CypherPunk

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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1992  2:53:58 UTC+0100
From: "(Miguel Gallardo)" <gallardo@batman.fi.upm.es>
Subject: Cryptodanger!!!
To: barlow@eff.org, barlow@icecube.pindale.wy.us, postmaster@eff.org

Dear friends,
I think that paranoid is almost inevitable in
Cryptology. The real danger is just trying to avoid that
thinking. But sometimes things are really difficult!  

One year ago I met a man in a conference on Cryptology. He
was from Switzerland and was working for a company named
CRYPTO AG. He is fluent in several lenguages, including
Spanish and Arabic, and was not afraid about his interest
in taboo (cryptoanalysis). I really enjoyed that
conversation.   Last week I listened a conversation about
him, and I know now that he is in jail at Teheran (Iran). He
is acused for atenting against the shii goverment just
because he was sellin cryptology to the political

Do you know about that? If so, do you have
anything published on it?   

His name is Hans Buhler, CRYPTO
AG, P.O. Box 474 CH-6301 Zug/Switzerland.   

I am really interested in any information about him!   Nobody answer
my fax to his company, or to Iran embassy here (!?). 

      _ _ _               _    
     ' ) ) )             // 
      / / / o __     _  // 
     / ' (_<_(_//_/_</_</_ 

     Miguel A. Gallardo Ortiz (Unix&C freelance, working on cryptology)
Personal address&phone:
     C/ Fernando Poo 16
     E-28045 Madrid (Spain)
     Telephone: (341) 474 38 09
     FAX:             473 81 97