1993-02-25 - Re: Finding Mac PGP software?

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From: Mark Turner <mark@clio.kram.org>
To: mbrennan@netcom.com (Michael Brennan)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-02-25 23:02:39 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 25 Feb 93 15:02:39 PST

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From: Mark Turner <mark@clio.kram.org>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 93 15:02:39 PST
To: mbrennan@netcom.com (Michael Brennan)
Subject: Re: Finding Mac PGP software?
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Michael Brennan is rumoured to have said....
> Dave Banisar <banisar@washofc.cpsr.org> writes:
> > MacPGP is available at mac.archives.umich.edu via gopher and FTP.
> Dave, I've tried ftp'ing to that site, but I get "unknown site". Is that
> really the correct address? I appreciate the info.

Also available in ftp.demon.co.uk:/pub/pgp.



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