1993-03-19 - Re: Cypher: Subject naming proposal

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From: karn@qualcomm.com (Phil Karn)
To: nowhere@bsu-cs.bsu.edu
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-19 02:35:46 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 18 Mar 93 18:35:46 PST

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From: karn@qualcomm.com (Phil Karn)
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 93 18:35:46 PST
To: nowhere@bsu-cs.bsu.edu
Subject: Re: Cypher: Subject naming proposal
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Several years ago I wrote a UNIX utility that splits my incoming mail
(directly from the spool) into files based on the To: and Cc: fields.
I can specify the various mailing lists to which I subscribe in the
shell script, with all others going to a file named "other".

This way I can give higher priority to the mail that names me specifically
as a recipient, and put off the mailing lists for later. And I can use
any conventional mailer (like Mail) to read the split files.