1993-03-21 - Re: HIDE: embedded msgs in grphics & snd

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From: zane@genesis.mcs.com (Sameer Parekh)
To: George A. Gleason <gg@well.sf.ca.us>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-21 21:59:01 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 21 Mar 93 13:59:01 PST

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From: zane@genesis.mcs.com (Sameer Parekh)
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 93 13:59:01 PST
To: George A. Gleason <gg@well.sf.ca.us>
Subject: Re: HIDE: embedded msgs in grphics & snd
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In message <199303201024.AA09757@well.sf.ca.us>, George A. Gleason writes:
> I get the idea that if this worked, the record would get a lot of interest
> including from a wider audience than cypherpunx, and that translates into
> attention on the band as such, and that translates into paying back the
> original production investment with interest.   So, anyone interested...?
	For exactly this reason, I don't think that this is a very good
idea. The discussion here started as a search for a way to make
encrypted data not look like encrypted data. (Once it becomes illegal).
If encoding in LSBs becomes a famous technique, then once data
encryption becomes illegal searching the LSBs will become standard
procedure for that data cops.

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