1993-03-30 - ANON: UUNET Info.

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From: Hal <74076.1041@CompuServe.COM>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-30 17:22:34 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 09:22:34 PST

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From: Hal <74076.1041@CompuServe.COM>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 93 09:22:34 PST
Subject: ANON: UUNET Info.
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Thanks to Greg Broiles for the information on UUNET.  I ftp'd some
info from ftp.uu.net as he suggested.  Here is an edited version of
one of their main info files.  I have left in the part relevant to
UUCP connections.

I would comment that this looks like it would not be an economical
approach for providing an anonymous posting service.  The volume
experienced by these services has been very high.  Greg indicates
that he gets about 700 chars per second for his link.  Any posting
or remailing request is going to have to be transmitted twice (once
in, once out).  At $2.47 per connect-hour we're talking about $2.00
per megabyte posted or remailed.  I believe Julf has seen several
megabytes per day.  So this volume will push the bill up to the range
of hundreds of dollars a month.  This is pretty expensive just to
support truth, justice and the American way on the net.  (This could
be reduced if large messages were filtered, but I don't know if UUCP
allows for a way to filter incoming messages so you don't get billed
for them.  After a while, though, if people learned that large messages
don't get remailed, they might stop sending them.  OTOH, the operator
of this service would be vulnerable to mail bombs by those opposed;
the bombs would land right in his wallet.)

Info from UUNET, edited, follows below.


UUNET offers access to:

* UUCP mail
	- Over 2,000 direct mail connections
	- UUNET is an authorized Internet mail gateway, and can act 
	  as your Internet mail forwarder.
	- UUNET serves as the principal gateway to European, Australian
	  Asian, Indian, and South American UUCP sites.

* USENET news
	- UUNET offers a full or partial news feed; all news groups 
	  are offered.
	- Over 1,000 news feeds



* From within the United States:
	- Dial your closest CompuServe network access number (local
  	  from thousands of US cities).  You are then connected
	  to UUNET via the X.25 public data network.  No registration
	  with CompuServe is necessary.

	- Direct dial modem at our Austin, TX; Berkeley, CA, Boston, MA; 
	  Falls Church, VA; Palo Alto, CA; Portland, OR; and San Jose, CA

	- 800 number

	- 900 number for anonymous access to our archive

* Connection Methods
	- UUNET supports all standard modems 
	  (V.32 / V.22bis / Bell 212A / Bell 103)

	- For those of you with UNIX platforms, you only need the 
	  standard UNIX uucp programs.  For those with non-UNIX
	  platforms, software is available through commercial vendors.

* Modem Types
	- UUNET uses Telebit T2500 Modems

	- We support Telebit PEP / 9600 V.32 / 2400 / 1200 / 300 bps



We have several subscription options for users with different needs.
The options and pricing are described below.  Call us and ask for the
General Information Packet on UUNET and AlterNet.  Fill out the UUNET
Subscription Form and send the original in to us!

Subscription options are:

* Regular uucp
  Our basic service which provides email and news connectivity for
  $36 per month plus your connect hours.  Charges for connect hours
  are listed below.

TYPE                                        RATE    LESS 5%  MINIMUM
Local Inbound (per hour)                |   $2.60 |  $2.47 | 1 min.
Local Outbound (per hour)               |   $2.60 |  $2.47 | 3.6 min.
                                        |         |        |
Remote Inbound (per hour)               |   $5.60 |  $5.32 | 1 min.
                                        |         |        |
Compuserve Modem (per hour)             |   $5.60 |  $5.32 | 1 min.
                                        |         |        |
Inbound (800) and Outbound WATS Daytime |  $16.00 | $15.20 | 1 min.
Inbound (800) and Outbound WATS Evening |  $13.00 | $12.35 | 1 min.
Inbound (800) and Outbound WATS Night   |  $10.00 |  $9.50 | 1 min.
* Low-volume Users 
  All sites are entitled to three connect hours per month for an annual
  fee of $300, paid in advance.  Customers may connect via local dialup,
  remote dialup, or the CompuServe remote network (CompuServe charges 
  are included in the fee).

  In addition, customers may use UUNET's 800 number for an additional
  $180 per year (total $480, paid in advance). 
	- Sites exceeding three connect hours will be charged at 
	  regular UUNET rates for the entire monthly usage, not
   	  just the excess.  This includes the $36 administrative fee.

	- The yearly fee is non-refundable and will not be prorated
	  for partial months.

	- This offer is only available in the continental USA and may
	  be withdrawn at any time.



Please contact us and ask for Customer Support.


The address is:

UUNET Technologies, Inc.
3110 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 570
Falls Church, Virginia 22042 USA
+1 800 4UUNET4 (voice)
+1 703 204 8000 (voice)
+1 703 204 8001 (fax)