1993-03-25 - Tropical Libertaria

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From: portwatson@firefly.rain.com (Port Watson Ltd)
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From: portwatson@firefly.rain.com (Port Watson Ltd)
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 03:02:30 PST
To: portwatson-info@firefly.rain.com
Subject: Tropical Libertaria
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                    An Island in the Net...

Dear Freedom Lover,

     Do you yearn for freedom now?

     Do you ever daydream...plotting your daring escape from the
faceless bureaucrats and their idiotic edicts?
     Imagine, for a moment, your picture of "utopia"...a place
where you are free to be you...with friends and neighbors who share
your views on liberty, individualism, free thought and free

     A place where the sun sets and rises on a locale of mutual
acceptance and intellectual emancipation...

     A place where your personal lifestyle is your business...

     Your very own private tropical paradise where freedom flows
gently through the palms like a tradewind breeze...

     Safe, secure, crime-free...yet fun and exciting...
     A place which has existed only in our hearts and minds...

...until now:

     We invite you to visit Port Watson where the quality of life
is our first concern...

     Located on Clove Cay, Exuma, Bahamas, Port Watson is being
created as an intentional community of Free-thinkers, Artists,
Writers, Cybernauts, Philosophers, Computer Professionals, Free-
Market Leaders, and other Interesting Individuals in the midst of
a true tropical island paradise surrounded by the best sailing,
fishing, and diving waters in the world! Conspicuous by their
absence are Cops, Jails, Tax Collectors, and Bureaucrats.

     Your neighbors will be adventuresome free-thinkers who
understand freedom and personal responsibility...

     Free-spirited intellectuals who share your vision of a
libertarian intentional community...

     People like YOU.
     Picture yourself on a hammock between twin palms gently
swaying in the tradewinds' breeze beside a quiet lagoon as
sailboats glide gracefully by.  The water is light green, deep blue
and every imaginable hue in between, yet clear as glass down to the
sand dollars, starfish and colorful shells below...

     Or, if you seek the more active lifestyle, water sports abound
in the calm, clear seas surrounding Port Watson. The diving is
rated among the best in The Bahamas, which is to say the best in
the world, and yachtsmen the world over revere the waters for their
unsurpassed clarity and beauty and uninhabited white beaches. 

     Famous for its abundant fishing, being rich in Blue Marlin,
Bonefish, Tuna, Amberjack and Grouper, Port Watson is a true Deep
Sea Fisherman's dream.
     Make your next car a boat!
     Whether you plan to become a year-around resident, or decide
to build a vacation home, Port Watson is exclusive, private,
quiet...for the discerning few who know the value of ocean front
     Port Watson at Clove Cay is a rare real estate opportunity
that you can visit, build your dream home on, vacation at, or live
forever with those you love. 

     In fact, the friendly new free-market government of The
Bahamas is encouraging your emigration...
     If you're an interesting person, chances are you fall under
the Group 4 Specialist Category, which means that you qualify for
permanent residence without giving up your U.S. citizenship...all
the benefits of Bahamian citizenship with all the comforts of home.

     The Bahamas - the perfect NO-TAX haven...
     No personal or corporate income tax, no sales tax, no capital
gains tax, no withholding tax, no business tax, no estate tax, no
gift tax, no inheritance tax, no death duties, no employment taxes,
no probate fees, (and, in the case of Port Watson, a generous
exemption from property tax.)

     Individuals, corporations (including nonresident-controlled
Bahamian corporations), partnerships, trusts, and estates can all
enjoy this immunity!

     And, there's more... 
     ...The Bahama's model bank secrecy laws are the envy of the
world...and the scourge of greedy bureaucrats. The Bahamian secrecy
laws are imposed on all Bank and Trust Companies, their directors,
officers, and employees, attorneys, and auditors. The Bahamas is
not a party to any tax or fiscal information-sharing agreements
(i.e., tax treaties) with any other country. Neither the IRS,
Revenue Canada, British Inland Revenue, nor any other foreign
principality or power can obtain information about a bank account
you may have in The Bahamas...Once you open an account in The
Bahamas, you are the only one who has the privilege to access it!

     Freedom isn't free, but we've made it as low cost as possible.

     Lots start at $20,000 at 10% down/10 years....owner financing
is available! All land sales and transfers are being handled by
Graham Thompson & Co., Sassoon House, Nassau, Bahamas.

     We have investigated the cost of materials and local labor,
and can recommend several styles of homes and building materials.
Using state-of-the-art building techniques and materials, your home
could be on-site and up in a matter of weeks.

     If you wish, we can arrange the rental of your vacation home
for you. Homes in the area currently rent from $150 to $300 per
night. If you elect to rent out your vacation home through us,
full-time caretakers are available to maintain your home and
grounds during your absence for a small fee, contingent upon

     With an eye toward our goal of reasonable self-sufficiency,
co-ops are being encouraged to meet such needs as energy, food,
communications, etc., to ensure that Port Watsonians enjoy the
comforts of gracious high-tech living. Even co-op housing options
are available as a cost-saving alternative for the budget minded,
and our planned state-of-the-art satellite communications facility
will make telecommuting a comfortable reality for our residents.

     We've caught the attention and encouragement of such notables
as Peter Lamborn Wilson, author and editor of Semiotext(e), Robert
Anton Wilson, author of Prometheus Rising, et. al., and Dr. Mary
Ruwart, author of "Healing Our World: The  Other Piece of the
Puzzle," and Andre Marrou's first choice as Vice Presidential
running mate. As Dr. Ruwart expressed to us: "A libertarian
community, ESPECIALLY IN THE BAHAMAS, is a GREAT idea!"

     You see, Port Watson is an Idea Whose Time Has Come.

     For itinerary and more information contact Kevin Bloom, of
Port Watson Ltd, 303-442-6256 (11 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time) or
portwatson@firefly.rain.com or 74640.606@compuserve.com... 
     VISIT PORT WATSON, the intentional community at Clove Cay,

     Your Visit May Be Tax Deductible!

     This offer of freedom void where prohibited by law or similar
Sincerely Yours,
Benjamin Hamilton Power,
Port Watson, Ltd.



     Having read this far, you have a pretty good idea of what
we're doing at Port Watson, and whether Port Watson sounds like the
place you've been looking for.

     We, of Port Watson, know that freedom is precious and
essential to personal growth and prosperity, and this philosophy is
central to our community. 

     We also know that freedom doesn't just "happen."  It must be

     Indeed, we're turning dream into reality, and we're inviting
you to join us!

     Those of us who launched this project are totally committed to
its success, and will be living at Port Watson permanently.  We
beckon you to join us in this exciting adventure. Our model of
tolerance, personal liberty and intellectual freedom will be the
paradigm of the consummate intentional community...the very idea of
such an environment is attracting "just the right people," and we'd
like you to be among them. 

     In addition to having a social atmosphere conducive to
creativity and free trade, we are also developing an economic
environment which will help ensure the project's success. A system
of voluntary cooperatives is being encouraged to take care of such
needs as food, energy, communications, waste-management, consumer
goods and other staples, electronics, toys, education, banking and
investments, and so forth. Your participation in any or all of
these co-ops is, of course, completely voluntary.  Please inquire.

     One unique option being offered for those with an eye toward
budget is that of Alternative Co-op Housing. If you're not familiar
with Co-op housing, it works like this: Each family unit (or
individual) owns its own dwelling. This can be either an unattached
cottage or a condo style arrangement. Centrally located is a larger
building which holds a large kitchen, dining hall, and
living/entertaining area. Cooking duties are shared by Co-op
members on a rotational basis ...depending on the size of your Co-
op, your kitchen shift could occur as infrequently as once a
month...this alone makes Co-op housing extremely attractive.
Members of the Co-op housing group can also arrange for child-care
and home schooling options with other members. Co-op housing
members are able to pool their resources to create mega-workshops,
computer LAN systems, or whatever they desire. Co-housing offers a
genuine feeling of community at an affordable price, and is a
logical arrangement for those of you who may be coming on board as
a group. It is very popular in Denmark, and has enjoyed some
success in communities in the United States.

     If you prefer conventional housing, many different styles and
materials are obtainable locally, and labor is available in George
Town on nearby Great Exuma. 

     If you're looking for that special location to build a
vacation or retirement home, rest assured that Port Watson is the
place for you. Vacation homes rent for $150 to $300 per night in
this part of the world, and with the proper listing and promotion
many of those homes stay quite "busy." Your rental profits could be
deposited in your Bahamian bank account, if you so desire.

     Our planned state-of-the-art satellite communications facility
will provide for the transmission of voice/video/data, making
telecommuting a viable option for many residents of Port Watson,
especially writers and individuals involved in the development of
software products.  Most Port Watsonians are computer professionals
who have decided to break free from the bumper-to-bumper chain-gang
choosing, instead, the tranquility of a beach-front paradise as
their office.

     If you're an entrepreneur, many excellent opportunities exist
in the form of tourist concessions such as diving, boating,
windsurfing, fishing, food service, tavern, etc., in what is
basically virgin territory. Remember, your Bahamian bank account is
your business. Please inquire.

     We are eager to hear from you, and will gladly answer any
questions you may have. The prospects are exciting, paradise
awaits, and the time to embark is now...

     Our initial group will consist of fifty people, but in order
to meet our contractual obligations, we must have those fifty
people confirmed within the next sixty days.....so call now.

     Those addresses, again, are: 

     Kevin Bloom
     Voice 303-442-6256 (11 AM to 6 PM Mountain Time)
     CompuServe 74640,606
     CompuServe via Internet: 74640.606@compuserve.com
     or Internet: portwatson@firefly.rain.com

Some oft-asked questions:

Q: Are you starting your own country?
A: No, we are creating an intentional community on a beautiful
privately owned island.

Q: Where is Clove Cay?
A: Clove Cay is an island in the Brigantine Chain of The Bahamas,
which  parallels the Exuma Chain. It is a 15 minute boat ride from
Barreterre Island, which is connected by bridge to the northern tip
of Great Exuma. George Town is 45 minutes away by car.

Q: How do I get there?
A: Several airlines, including American Eagle (800-433-7300) and
Airway International (305-526-3852) have daily flights to George
Town from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Bahamasair (800-327-8080) flies
to George Town daily from Nassau. Hire a car from George Town north
to Barreterre at the tip of Great Exuma (about 45 minutes) and
onward by boat to Port Watson on Clove Cay (15-20 minutes.) A
representative of Port Watson is living on the island to host
visitors. Your stay will be quite enjoyable. Call Kevin Bloom at
303-442-6256 to make arrangements for your visit.

Q: Must I give up my U.S. citizenship to live at Port Watson?
A: No. U.S. citizens are allowed to stay for up to three months
almost automatically, and renewing is usually very easy. 
Professional skills are in demand in The Bahamas and can get you
Group Four Specialist classification which qualifies you for
Permanent Residence status. Entrepreneurs investing in new
businesses can also obtain permanent residence quite easily.

Q: Do I need a passport or visa to visit Port Watson?
A: U.S. citizens do not need a passport or visa to enter The
Bahamas. You will need two pieces of identification to re-enter the
United States, such as a valid driver's license and a voter
registration stub.

Q: Will we be under Bahamian jurisdiction?
A: Yes, but don't panic. The Bahamian government does not pester
privately owned islands. One of the most popular resorts, Abaco,
boasts of no police and no jails. There is very little crime in the
Out-islands and, because there are so few taxes, the government has
little reason to meddle in private affairs. The rule of thumb is
that the further away you get from the central government in
Nassau, the less interference you receive. The recently elected
government of The Bahamas leans very strongly toward free-market
principles and is dedicating itself to removing much of the
bureaucracy and restrictions put in place by the former Pindling
administration. Frankly speaking, the Bahamians like our project
and want us there. Taken together, all of these factors should lead
to an environment markedly freer of government interference than is
currently the case in the U.S. or much of the rest of the world.

Q: Are there homes already on the island?
A: There is one home and several out-buildings, all of which are
currently in use. 

Q: Is Port Watson, Ltd., acting as developer?
A: Port Watson, Ltd., is not a developer, per se, and is only
subdividing the island and making the lots available to interested 
persons. Each property owner is responsible for developing his or
her own property, including providing water, waste disposal, power,
phone service, and so forth. We are encouraging buyers to form
cooperatives to fill such needs, and are facilitating the formation
of such co-ops; participation by each property owner is strictly

Q: How long will it take for me to build my home?
A: With today's materials and techniques, your home could be up in
a few weeks.

Q: What about firearms?
A: Unfortunately, The Bahamas has gone the way of other
Commonwealth nations on that one...better leave them at home.
However, shotgun permits may be obtained. We have Bahamian
attorneys to help in such matters.

Q: Are medical facilities available?
A: Yes. The George Town Medical Clinic has two nurses and one
resident physician less than an hour away.  Also, the Bahamian
government keeps aircraft on standby for Out-island emergencies.

Q: What about drinking water?
A: Water catchment systems are the norm in the region, and are
generally found to be quite adequate. Also, you may wish to
consider joining or forming a desalination co-op. Port Watson,
Ltd., retains underground water rights to the island.

Q: What about energy?
A: Most homes in the Out-islands rely on small generators for their
electrical, and bottled gas for cooking. Wind and solar sources are
also becoming popular. You, and your neighbors, may wish to form an
energy co-op utilizing a larger, quieter, more efficient diesel
generator shared among several homes. 

Q: What about waste management?
A: We are encouraging the use of chemically assisted composting
toilets and other forms of recycling. Your participation in a waste
management and recycling co-op is strongly encouraged.

Q: How do I go about joining or forming a co-op?
A: Just let us know. We will put you in touch with other Port
Watsonians who share the same interests.

Q: What about currency?
A: U.S. currency is accepted everywhere, with a value of one to
one. Change is often given using both U.S. and the colorful
Bahamian currency.

Q: Where can I do my banking?
A: Both Barclay's Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia have George Town

Q: The C.I.A. is directing microwaves at my brain in an attempt to
drive me insane, forcing me to wear a tin-foil lined bicycle helmet
at all times, even while sleeping. Will my situation improve if I
move to Port Watson?
A: No.

Q: What about my plastic?
A: The larger resort towns, such as Nassau and Freeport, accept all
major U.S., British, and continental credit cards, as do most
hotels in the Out-islands. Many shops, however, do not, so it's a
good idea to bring along travellers checks, just to be sure.

Q: How can I support myself on an island? Are any employment
opportunities available?
A: Port Watson offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs in the
form of tourist concessions and support services, as well as a 
planned telecommuting infrastructure ideal for computer
specialists, writers, and other information-age professionals. As
Port Watson grows, so will many other opportunities.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can do with my property?
A: Property owners are free to do as they wish with their property,
but may not take anything from or discharge anything onto
neighboring properties without the appropriate owners' permission.
On Clove Cay, property boundaries are clearly defined to prevent
any "tragedies of the commons." Buildings of greater than two
stories are discouraged. Let's all be aware of how our actions are
affecting our neighbors' sunlight, wind, views, etc. Of course, a
group of property owners is free to place voluntary contractual
restrictions on the use of their own properties, if they so desire.

NOTE: Take a look at our beautiful island! Digitized photographs
of Clove Cay are available on the Internet via anonymous ftp from
onion.rain.com ( in the directory /pub/portwatson.