1993-03-07 - Re: F-117A Nighthawk pseudo”revelation”.

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From: Michael <wk01847@worldlink.com>
To: Alfred Martinez <75300.717@compuserve.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-07 08:39:51 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 7 Mar 93 00:39:51 PST

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From: Michael <wk01847@worldlink.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 93 00:39:51 PST
To: Alfred Martinez <75300.717@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: F-117A Nighthawk pseudo"revelation".
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Re: The F117A message left to cypherpunks by an anonymous fellow on Fri 4/5.

What a bunch of bull! Consider the following reasons which are obvious to any 
intelligent and technologically savvy reader:

"employs active and passive techniques to change color"
Logical baloney. What is a "passive way to change color"? "Passive" means to 
do nothing, yet changing color is an obviously "active act". 
Sounds like $100 words that mean absolutely nothing if one things about what 
he is reading, rather than swallowing it whole.

"When flying low, it adjusts its radar cross section to a high flying 
interceptor aiming radar downwards at it, so as to match its own radar 
reflectance to that of the ground".
Logical baloney again. How can that plane know the radar cross section (the 
reflectance) of the terrain below it unless it is itself aiming a radar at 
the ground? But if it did aim a radar itself, it would stand out like a sore 
thumb to ground based receivers, so it couldn't logially do so.

"ECM/ESM circuitsd are mounted on the skin to avoid the need for antennas".
Technical baloney! A radio fequency receiver or transmitter needs a means to 
couple to the outside world; this means is called antenna. You just cannot 
wish the function of an antenna away; basic physics (of which the writer of 
the nonsense I am responding to is ignorant) requires a physical capture area 
for an antenna.

And on and on and on...

And besides, lets consider the motivation of the writer of the message which 
ostensibly "unvovered" the information he broadcast to the world. (Never mind 
that it was nonsense, as per above.
Since internet is worldwide, is that fellow telling us that he, in his 
infinite wisdom, decided that what is presented as classified info should be 
released? Why? And, assuming that his information was correct which it isn't 
as per above, does he say that ALL classified information should be released 
by anybody that has it, or is he saying that he himself is blessd ed by the 
almighty to have this super judgement to unilaterally declassify things?
Or is he telling us (assuming that his info is correct, which it isn't as per 
above) that he is knowingly guilty of treason for disclosing classified info 
and, as a logical corollary, that he wants to harm this country?

Oh, well, the world never had a shortage of snake oil salesmen nor of 
irresponsible and treasonous fools.