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From: mbrennan@netcom.com (Michael Brennan)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-12 03:56:21 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 19:56:21 PST

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From: mbrennan@netcom.com (Michael Brennan)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 93 19:56:21 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Message-ID: <9303120354.AA14008@netcom.netcom.com>
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Hopefully my subject line got someone's attention.
I just received a 3K file in my mailbox from George A. Habrecht with
lines repeating over and over "Please unsusbcribe me!!!" Perhaps many
of you simply deleted it without even noticing what the mail said. But you
should all take note that the cypherpunks list is starting to piss off
 a lot of people who would be supportive of what you are doing if not
for the huge volumes of unwanted mail.

Loading up peoples mailboxes with unwanted mail is IRRESPONSIBLE!
Is this what cypherpunks wants to become known for on the net? It's really
very simple: if someone send an unsubscribe request, it should be honored.
There's no excuse for ignoring such requests. Clearly someone is asleep
at the wheel here and the situation needs to be rectified.

The cypherpunks list is increasingly running the risk of some vengeful 
retaliation from a pissed off individual frustrated at having their
"unsubscribe" requests repeatedly ignored. Is this what the cypherpunks
want? I'm not saying that Mr. Habrecht would do such a thing. I'm simply
saying that it is a real possibility that someone may be tempted to do
such a thing, and it could be easily avoided if whoever is supposed to be
overseeing this list would get their act together!

I was annoyed at getting that 3K file in my mailbox, but I am completely
sympathetic to his frustration. I am saddened by seeing cypherpunks so 
insensitive to this frustration and oblivious to the anger that some 
people are starting to feel toward this list. Do you not care
that cypherpunks is developing a tarnished reputation because of this?
Don't any of you cypherpunks think that maybe sending huge volumes of
unwanted mail to people is innappropriate? Don't you think that maybe
someone should get their act together and rectify this situation?!!!

My esteem for this group is dropping lower and lower with each passing day
that I see my and others' "unsusbscribe" requests being ignored. It truly
saddens me because i think that the mission of this group is a worthy one,
but it is becoming tarnished by this maling list fiasco. I think it's very

P.S. If someone DOES finally get their act together on this, I'll like to
subscribe to cypherpunk-announce only.