1993-03-03 - Let’s look at this ….

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From: fergp@sytex.com (Paul Ferguson)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-03 09:13:37 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 3 Mar 93 01:13:37 PST

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From: fergp@sytex.com (Paul Ferguson)
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 93 01:13:37 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Let's look at this ....
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Okay, cypherpunks -
I've watched enough "unsubscribe me" requests drop in, now I figure
(that's a Virginia word, BTW) that since I'm silently digesting most
of this nonsense, I can at least crop a few pennies in the mill from
time to time.
I've managed to irk several of you with the virus encryption post (a
bona fide topic, for those of you who snicker); then with the "Why
Anon (especially when there are twelve step programs) ?", but the
federal deficit is peanuts to popcorn compared to the bandwidth wasted
Lest I begin to resemble some cypher-drop-out (never happen), let's
re-examine what we are now discussing:
o Problems (solved yet?) with penet.fi
o Arguments and innuendo regarding:
   _ digital cash
   _ digital anarchy (Gee, thanks, Tim.)
   _ digital bad-mouthing
The one topic that _does_ interest me is the nonsensical fodder
stemming from a post regarding the (actual?) governmental
consideration to license keys. That just drops my carrier.
This is probably the one reason why I tolerate the wasted bandwidth
here -- there are many powerful souls amongst you (us) who can keep this
bullshit from happening.
On a serious note, I have been a programmer-slash-analyst from the
card-punch days of not_so_old. My assembly programming began in the
bowels of a IBM 360; somehow that weeded it's way into the desktop
arena. Damned odd.
Now I just put networks together. Much like tinker toys.
My (long-winded) question is this: What are cypherpunk priorities?
(NO, no, please do not cite the norms. I've heard 'em.)
Where are we going with anon mailers? Are they going to serve us or
cause us unlimited problems? (From a political point of view?)
I stand _strongly_ behind private communications, and behind the right
to privately encrypt. Personally, I do not think that it can be taken
away from us.

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