1993-03-02 - Re: she’s at it again :-)

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From: pmetzger@shearson.com (Perry E. Metzger)
To: elee9sf@menudo.uh.edu
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-02 10:46:22 UTC
Raw Date: Tue, 2 Mar 93 02:46:22 PST

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From: pmetzger@shearson.com (Perry E. Metzger)
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 93 02:46:22 PST
To: elee9sf@menudo.uh.edu
Subject: Re: she's at it again :-)
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> From: Karl Barrus <elee9sf@menudo.uh.edu>

> The article is very interesting, containing many oxymorons:
> "On the contrary, implementation of an intercept capability together
> with appropriate security measures is more likely to lead to
> telecommunication systems that are "smarter," more secure, and of
> commercial interest to other countries."
> "while often labeled as "anti-privacy," wiretapping actually serves to
> protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens and the business
> interests of corporations"

Ugh. File under "Abeit Macht Frei" along with slogans like
"Freedom is Slavery".