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From: pmetzger@snark.shearson.com (Perry E. Metzger)
To: mbrennan@netcom.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-03-12 23:30:45 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 15:30:45 PST

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From: pmetzger@snark.shearson.com (Perry E. Metzger)
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 15:30:45 PST
To: mbrennan@netcom.com
Message-ID: <9303121900.AA17618@snark.shearson.com>
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> From: mbrennan@netcom.com (Michael Brennan)
> You are very wrong! As a matter of fact, I have sent unsubscribe requests
> to cypherpunks-request and those requests have been ignored! That's why I
> sent this last message of mine to the whole list. I'd be willing to bet
> that the individual who sent the 3K file had also attempted initially to
> send his request to cypherpunks-request and had his request ignored. In
> fact, it's quite possible that MANY of the people who have sent their
> "unsubscribe" requests to the whole list have done so because initial
> requests sent to cypherpunks-request were ignored!
> Brushing this matter aside as a non-issue and pretending there is no
> problem will not make the problem go away! UNSUBSCRIBE REQUESTS SENT TO

You are a whining child, Mr. Brennan. How long have these messages been
ignored? Months? Years? I suspect a matter of days. Well, I'm sorry to
tell you this, but you aren't paying anyone to maintain this list, and
people don't do it full time. Its not a job. Prehaps the moderator went
on vacation. Prehaps he has no time for a week. Have you actually waited
a reasonable amount of time, which I would define as no less than a week
and likely no less than two?

I've run mailing lists. Its lots of long and hard work, and sometimes you
go on vacation, and when you do lots of whining fools start getting pissed
off that you aren't a robot that provides them with instant gratification.
Sorry, but no one owes you instant service. You didn't pay for a subscription
you know. This is a volunteer effort, and that means that you accept
whenever you sign on to any mailing list the possibility that, horror
of horrors, people might not process your requests every fifteen minutes.

It would not be anything like a big deal to delete the mail for a few 
more days. Instead, you involve all of us in something that we cannot
change. What makes you think that if the moderator is not reading the
-request alias that he will read the list itself?

In conclusion, get a grip. When the guy behind the counter at the
7-11 is a little slow, do you just take the food you bought without
paying? No? Then what in hell are you doing posting obnoxious mail to
hundreds of people when you know very well it violates all network

Perry Metzger