1993-05-12 - Re: CALLER ID?

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From: eric@Synopsys.COM
To: Sandy <72114.1712@compuserve.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-05-12 20:27:51 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 12 May 93 13:27:51 PDT

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From: eric@Synopsys.COM
Date: Wed, 12 May 93 13:27:51 PDT
To: Sandy <72114.1712@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: CALLER ID?
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>>>>> On 11 May 93 15:17:25 EDT, Sandy <72114.1712@compuserve.com> said:

SS> A special 800 number has been set up to demonstrate this.  It's:

SS>                          1-800-235-1414

SS> Call it, and it will recite your phone number back to you.

The voice at the other end laughed and said "This wouldn't happen to
be YOUR phone number, would it?".

I had to laugh back, because it wasn't.

This is a great way to find out just how much information they really
are getting about you.

I work for a company with several hundred employees, and when I
called, it recited the company's main switchboard number.  Without my
company's cooperation, there'd be no way for trace a particular call
back to me.  Does our phone system even log 800 number calls?  I don't

-eric messick (eric@synopsys.com)