1993-06-10 - Re: My Poll….

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From: murphy@s1.elec.uq.oz.au (Peter Murphy)
To: cypherpunks-request@toad.com (J. Michael Diehl)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-06-10 23:42:53 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 10 Jun 93 16:42:53 PDT

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From: murphy@s1.elec.uq.oz.au (Peter Murphy)
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 93 16:42:53 PDT
To: cypherpunks-request@toad.com (J. Michael Diehl)
Subject: Re: My Poll....
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Responding to J. Michael Diehl's post ...

> Well, I finally got to look at the responses to my poll.  FYI, I got 33 replies.
> This is a small number considering there are (I think) 400+ people on this list.
> I didn't take the time to actually tally the results for each question.  I'm
> inherently lazy... ;^)  I can make some comments about what we use, tho.  Note 
> that the lists are in no particular order.  Since this was certainly not a 
> scientific poll, I opted to not include any statistics, sorry.  I was kinda
> hoping to have a more homogeneous environment than what we have.  Kinda naive,
> huh?  Well, this is what I have to say after reading each of your replies.  I
> would like to thank everyone who participated in my informal poll.  I hope the
> results are usefull to any software-developer-cypherpunks out there.

{ The rest of the post (documenting results) deleted. }

I'm sorry that I didn't answer your poll. However, if I had a little bit more time I 
would have answered it. Unfortunately, this mailing list is so expansive (and my time
is so limited) that I only read my mail about once a week. So I became aware of the
poll's closing date (last Thursday, 3/6) the next day (i.e., 4/6). Please give a
little more time in future. It was a GREAT idea. Thanks for doing it.


P.S. In case you're still interested in accumulating results, I respond to email on
Sony News-OS V. 4.3 (analogous to Berkeley 4.1). I also use a lot of MS-DOS PCs
(mostly on the Elec. Eng. Novell network, although I might be acquiring a 486 pretty
soon). As for PGP, ... well I OFFICIALLY don't have a copy, being not a resident of
North America :-) ... 

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Peter Murphy - Department of Electrical Engineering,
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