1993-06-14 - Re: corporations and morality

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From: Fred Heutte <phred@well.sf.ca.us>
To: smb@research.att.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-06-14 08:51:32 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 01:51:32 PDT

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From: Fred Heutte <phred@well.sf.ca.us>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 01:51:32 PDT
To: smb@research.att.com
Subject: Re:  corporations and morality
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Feh on Pournelle and Niven especially, dreary drones of the Ayn Rand school
of pseudo-insight.

Read some of Peter Drucker's new work on corporate responsibility and tell
me corporate America isn't thinking about ethics and morality.  

And just this weekend on a PBS forum on workplace harassment issues I heard
a CEO quoting Milton Friedman approvingly on the issue of ethical behavior
not only being the right thing to do but central to achieving the corporate

Wake up -- it's not 1880 any more!!