1993-07-16 - Re: your mail

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp)
To: tedwards@src.umd.edu (Thomas Grant Edwards)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-07-16 21:53:58 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 16 Jul 93 14:53:58 PDT

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From: khijol!erc@apple.com (Ed Carp)
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 93 14:53:58 PDT
To: tedwards@src.umd.edu (Thomas Grant Edwards)
Subject: Re: your mail
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> Does anyone know of C source code for low speed CELP or vocoder
> software available on the net?  
> I feel if we can develop even a low-speed software based answer to
> the secure-phone, it will probably be used and distributed to many
> people.  I think it would have to be based around the soundblaster
> card though.
> Perhaps we can also devise an internet secure-phone standard, and
> clients can be written for NeXTs, Suns, PCs, and etc.  
> I've had no luck getting our SparcStations to decompress ADPCM encoded
> Internet Talk Radio in real time...either the software I have is truly
> sad (could be), or we need to look at other compression methods
> such as CELP, or at worst, vocoder.
> - -Thomas

Have you looked at netphone?  That should be fairly easy to hack to include
encryption, although I haven't looked at the source..
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