1993-07-26 - Re: T-shirts are for wimps…

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From: cdodhner@indirect.com (Christian D. Odhner)
To: pcw@access.digex.net (Peter Wayner)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-07-26 23:05:58 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 16:05:58 PDT

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From: cdodhner@indirect.com (Christian D. Odhner)
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 16:05:58 PDT
To: pcw@access.digex.net (Peter Wayner)
Subject: Re: T-shirts are for wimps...
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> Seriously, it is possible to get fake tattoos printed up
> with your design. I suggest either the classic heart with
> the word "Freedom" or "Privacy" replacing "Mom". They should
> last several days and they could be cheap enough to give
> out for grins.
> -Peter Wayner

That would be realy cool! Sombody else (Eric I think) suggested maybe
buttons as well, and I've seen advertisements out in the net in various
news groups and such about 'cheap stickers' that you can get custom made,
like 100 for 15$US. Let's do _ALL_ of these ideas, and realy spread the word!

Happy Hunting, -Chris Odhner