1993-09-09 - Re: REMAIL: Perl/problems

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From: “Christian D. Odhner” <cdodhner@indirect.com>
To: cs60a-qu@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (Sameer Parekh)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-09-09 12:28:09 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 05:28:09 PDT

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From: "Christian D. Odhner" <cdodhner@indirect.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 05:28:09 PDT
To: cs60a-qu@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (Sameer Parekh)
Subject: Re: REMAIL: Perl/problems
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> 	I'm not good at perl, so I can't solve this problem on my own. (I
> hardly know anything about perl, actually.)
> 	Upon repeated tests of my remailers, I noticed that if there's
> more than one blank line between the header and the header-pasting, then
> the pasting doesn't take place. Does this happen with other people's
> remailers? How is your script different from mine? How can this be fixed?
Now that you mention it...
	I never had that problem before, I've sent messages with up to
three blank lines before the :: with no prob, I don't know about more than
three. But a few days ago somebody tried to remail through mine and the
message ended up in my mailbox, I looked at the message content and did
everything I could to figure out what happened, but the only thing I could
come up with was that maybe the :: was not on the first line like it
should be and that screwed it up. (clarification: The :: was on the second
or third line for sure, if that was the cause of the problem or not I
don't know.)

Happy Hunting, -Chris 

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