1993-10-28 - Re: help/subscribe

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From: J. Michael Diehl <mdiehl@triton.unm.edu>
To: janzen@idacom.hp.com (Martin Janzen)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-28 01:32:41 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 18:32:41 PDT

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From: J. Michael Diehl <mdiehl@triton.unm.edu>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 93 18:32:41 PDT
To: janzen@idacom.hp.com (Martin Janzen)
Subject: Re: help/subscribe
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According to Martin Janzen:
> Since you mention stdin, I assume you're running UNIX.  In that case, it's
> very easy to do this using awk; no C programming required.
> Now, just wrap it in a shell script which responds with an appropriate
> message (you can of course have subscribe.awk return a different exit
> code depending on which regular expression is matched), and call the
> shell script from your $HOME/.forward file, mail filter, or whatever.

Gak!  Use procmail!  I'm working on such a beast now.  You can use regular
expressions and it gets executed when you get the email.  Even better, you
never have to see the incoming message if you don't want to.

my $.02

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