1993-10-18 - Re: digital cash/legal tender

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From: rjc@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Ray)
To: pmetzger@lehman.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-18 04:32:08 UTC
Raw Date: Sun, 17 Oct 93 21:32:08 PDT

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From: rjc@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Ray)
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 93 21:32:08 PDT
To: pmetzger@lehman.com
Subject: Re: digital cash/legal tender
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Perry E. Metzger () writes:
> F_GRIFFITH@ccsvax.sfasu.edu says:
> >   In order for electronic money to be true cash, it must be able to
> > circulate from Alice to Bob to Carl to Dave without the need to
> > contact the issuing bank.  Otherwise, it is merely an electronic
> > check, perhaps anonymous.
> No digicash system can possibly operate under this constraint. Mere
> numbers, unlike gold, can be duplicated. Without some sort of central
> verification involved the techniques cannot work. I suppose "true"
> digitcal cash by your definition is impossible.

   Doesn't Chaum's "observer" based system allow digi-coins to work?
(e.g. by carrying around copy protection which prevents you from 'cp'ing
cash instead of 'mv'ing it, or prevention of double spending?)

   Observer's may not be cypherpunk-correct technology but they might work
with legal (govt) backing. Counterfeiters who "copy" cash by breaking the
tamper-proof observers would be hunted down through traditional investigatory
means. The economy/banks might take a hit the way credit card companies
get hit by con-artists, but overall they would remain stable.

   Does anyone have a reference on Chaum's observers besides the SciAm
article (which I read a long time ago and have now forgotten)?


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