1993-10-07 - Re: PGP in Fidonet

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From: msattler@netcom.com (Michael Sattler)
To: Mike Godwin <mnemonic@eff.org>
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UTC Datetime: 1993-10-07 14:45:30 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 7 Oct 93 07:45:30 PDT

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From: msattler@netcom.com (Michael Sattler)
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 93 07:45:30 PDT
To: Mike Godwin <mnemonic@eff.org>
Subject: Re: PGP in Fidonet
Message-ID: <9310071441.AA03954@netcom.netcom.com>
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At  2:46 PM 93/10/06 -0400, Mike Godwin wrote:

>As for programmer jokes, did you hear about the programmer who could never
>get out of the shower?

No, I hate to admit.  How does it go?

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