1993-11-25 - The History of Cypherpunks

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From: “L. Detweiler” <ld231782@longs.lance.colostate.edu>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1993-11-25 07:13:24 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 24 Nov 93 23:13:24 PST

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From: "L. Detweiler" <ld231782@longs.lance.colostate.edu>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 93 23:13:24 PST
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: The History of Cypherpunks
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Mr. N.Sammons, esteemed Founder of Colorado Cypherpunk Chapter, kindly
sent me a message he apparently posted to cypherpunks commenting on the
`neurotic L.Detweiler' and my `obsession with pseudospoofing' who is
`pissing me off' and is not `particularly prowd' [sic] of me `being
affiliated with the group.' All of this is a rather clever distortion
of reality apparently designed to ingratiate Mr. N.Sammons with the CA
Conspiracy Clique. Mr. Sammons, I have no idea why you want to throw in
your lot with the psychopunks (esp. given they all appear to be
centered in CA), but far be it for me to stand in your way.

The most serious distortions, considering my own mental state, however,
I must address. I have been subject to dozens of accusations of mental
instability over the past few weeks from fanatic CA cypherpunks bent on
silencing me in very reprehensible ways, such as exerting pressure
through my postmaster, mailbombs, employer, and higher administrators
in the University. I must credit the eminent Cypherpunks
E.Hughes,T.C.May,P.Metzger, and D.Barnes for their glorious atrocities.
Also, just recently Mr. Gilmore suggests that these efforts amount to
`doing me a favor' by `asking people at my university to come talk to
me' by `people who think you are becoming unstable.' The truth is that
I have made their own corruptions and lies increasingly unstable. The
Psychopunk revisionist history appears to have reached a climax in Mr.
Sammons' latest note:

>He is experiencing some very serious problems with what he believes to be
>a concerted effort by some devilish cabal to warp and mung his brain
>through the rampant use of pseudospoofing.  OK, fine if he believes that,
>I cannot keep him from thinking that some of us are emmisaries of Satan.
>I can, however, wish that he would leave me the hell alone and stop posting
>these long, drawn-out core dumps of his mangled psyche.

This is all nothing but BLACK DISINFORMATION typical of the
brainwashing of CA cypherpunks. (Reminds me of D.Barnes, the `stellar
hypocrite', telling another cypherpunk that his majestic L.D. blackmail
fishing expedition were not an invasion of privacy but a simple
psychopunk demonstration of how much sensitive personal information
about people is vulnerable to exposure. bastard.)

Mr. Sammons, the only thing that has propelled me over several weeks of
postings to Cypherpunks and elsewhere (e.g. RISKS) is the hope that
some Cypherpunk leader would crack and admit to their systematic
efforts in systematic, conspirational cyberspatial deception in
pseudospoofing. There has never been any other issue, and to call me
insane for accusing the leadership of pseudospoofing is like telling
Galileo he is a heretic for saying the earth revolves around the Sun.

The top leadership has cloaked their effort to develop the cult
religion of pseudospoofing in the guise of `privacy for the masses' and
the `cryptographic revolution'. `pseudospoofing' and `pseudopools' are
the core aspects of their perverted religion. They *have* a secret
mailing list hidden from the public used to promote subversions and the
CA Conspiracy. They have written customized software for pseudospoofing
and style analysis for cyberspatial warfare across many lists. They
have built up an extensive international infrastructure of sites and
public access internet accounts for manipulation of the public through
the mailing list and elsewhere. They have corrupted DNS and SMTP
software. They have infiltrated many sensitive lists, such as `internet
mercantile protocols' and CERT lists, and derailed discussions with
public and private sabotage, and stolen sensitive confidential
information. They have molested me and many others (e.g. G.Spafford and
other well-meaning cypherpunk list subscribers) with their numerous
tentacles in my private mailbox, even after I publicly requested they
stop. Virtually all of these various harassments were over project
proposals on the list by `outsiders' (such as the Whistleblowing
newsgroup, the disk stacker encryption program) that rubbed them the
wrong way for some capricious whim. They love to post effusive messages
from tentacles congratulating themselves on their vacuous achievments,
and attacks on others who have accomplished anything substantial. They
love to post subtle disinformation that cloaks their future aims and
past depravities. They have deceived the respectable media like NYT and
Wired in dark, atrocious ways, and revel in it. And they would rather
censor me by inflaming those above me at my site into revoking my
Internet account, with completely deceptive complaints about my
`deranged' postings, than confess their depravities in front of their
loyal, marching, brainwashed, braindead sycophants, who still think
that J.Dinkelacker and N.Szabo are real people. And they blame the
ashes of their arson on the lone firefighter.

I assure you, psychopunks, this is *not* a comprehensive list! These
are only some of the *cyberspatial* crimes!

Your eminent leaders would rather brand or drive a man into an insane
pariah than admit the truth, an investigation they cower cowardly in
fear and attack as Terrorizing McCarthyist WitchHunt Inquisition, which
for them it is. This is all that drives me in posting here, is the hope
that everyone  sane and honest still listening will have the sense to
get the hell out of here. Cypherpunks, your `leaders' are nothing but
cyberspatial psychopaths. 

None will escape culpability for complicity. It's only a matter of
timing at this point! 

tick, tick, tick ...