1993-12-02 - Re: Key Escrow a GAD thing

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From: jimn8@netcom.com (Jim Nitchals)
To: unicorn@access.digex.net (Black Unicorn)
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UTC Datetime: 1993-12-02 18:08:35 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 10:08:35 PST

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From: jimn8@netcom.com (Jim Nitchals)
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 93 10:08:35 PST
To: unicorn@access.digex.net (Black Unicorn)
Subject: Re: Key Escrow a *GAD* thing
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Because the spelling of my last name is fairly uncommon, and someone
used a pseudonym that happens to be a good part of said name, I just
wanted to make it clear that an4914@anon.penet.fi is not me, and I
have no idea who "Nitch" actually is.

Sorry to waste bandwidth on that... with the heated discussion on
pseudospoofing etc I don't want to get caught in the cross-fire.

- Jim Nitchals
QuickTime team, Apple Computer Inc.