1994-04-20 - re: Sgt Russell

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From: Wayne Q Jones <qjones@infi.net>
To: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
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UTC Datetime: 1994-04-20 17:15:46 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 10:15:46 PDT

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From: Wayne Q Jones <qjones@infi.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 10:15:46 PDT
To: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
Subject: re: Sgt Russell
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 EITHER YOU are very thin skin or this is a mock tirade. IF you want to 
know what I think ask. DOn't assume or put words in my mouth.
   I know marines are trained to take orders...So LIGHTEN UP *-).
The END..\
On Tue, 19 Apr 1994 SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil wrote:

> Wayne,
> 	I am sorry that my being on this list is offensive to you.  I joined 
> this list to learn about cryptography.  If anything, I would think that you 
> would want to help a new person get up to speed.  If you can't grow up and 
> treat other people like human beings, maybe you ought to take yourself off of 
> the list and go play with your private key by yourself.
> 	My job is important to me.  Learning about cryptography is going to 
> help me protect my systems and my messages.  I have no desire to eavesdrop on 
> what you or anyone else is doing on this list.  I merely want to learn, and 
> possibly contribute to the threads on the list.  I have received several 
> responses from people on the list and really appreciate that.  I hope this 
> helps to clarify my position on this list.
> Sgt Darren Harlow - Computer Security
> MCTSSA, Camp Pendleton, USMC
> Internet: harlow%isb%mctssa@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
> or another less reliable & slower: harlow@mqg1.usmc.mil
> Voice: Comm: (619) 725-2970  DSN (Autovon): 365-2970
> Fax:   Comm: (619) 725-9512  DSN (Autovon): 365-9512
> PGP Public key available upon request
> "The views expressed are my own, and always will be..."

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