1994-04-21 - BlackNet here now?

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From: “Gary Jeffers” <CCGARY@MIZZOU1.missouri.edu>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-04-21 03:59:52 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 20:59:52 PDT

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From: "Gary Jeffers" <CCGARY@MIZZOU1.missouri.edu>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 20:59:52 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: BlackNet here now?
Message-ID: <9404210359.AA16681@toad.com>
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   Actually we have had a BlackNet on the Internet for years. I admit
its not much of a BlackNet - maybe just a proto BlackNet that will never
grow to do justice to the BlackNet concept. The proto BlackNet is #warez
on Internet chat. For years commercial/retail software has been ex-
changed on #warez. This is a pretty narrow area of exchange. Also, it
could be argued that #hack on internet chat has been a proto BlackNet
entity for years. #hack exchanges system breakin information. Years ago
I tried to encourage both these channels to use encryption to exchange
sensitive files. I used to post their TOPIC with the message "WE NEED
PUBLIC KEY ENCRYPTION NOW." before I found out about PGP. Once I found
out about PGP, I tried to encourage them to adopt it.

   Strangely enough, neither of these channels were at all enthusiastic
about encryption. #warez makes itself an "invite only" channel apparentl
for security. If someone could introduce a method to these channels
to exchange money for information, then it is a possibility that they
could mature to real BlackNets. They would also have to use anonymous
remailers. They already exchange illicit goods.

   Maybe a Cypherpunk acting in a sort "Peace Corps" way could lend
them some assistance. It could give you a sort or satisfied feeling
in latter years to know that you had played a part in creating some
BlackNet monsters. If real BlackNet tech became a part of these two
channels, the possibility exists that they could expand their ranges
to become true, full BlackNet entities.

   I believe that barring a successful Federal technological capture of
the Internet, BlackNets are inevitable.

                                 Yours Truly,
                                 Gary Jeffers

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