1994-04-21 - Terra Libra (long)

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From: jim@bilbo.suite.com (Jim Miller)
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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From: jim@bilbo.suite.com (Jim Miller)
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 22:51:29 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Terra Libra (long)
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Well, it's been a couple of days since I asked if anyone knew  
anything about Terra Libra.  Nobody has spoken up.

Since, on the surface, Terra Libra sounds like it would be  
interesting to many on this list, I'm posting a condensed version of  
the flyer I received in the mail.  I am not affiliated with Terra  
Libra in any way.  Actually, I wonder it is really just a money  
making scam.

Here goes...


THE WORLD TO EFFECTIVE ACTION -- and filling their pockets with  
oodles of boodle!!! [yeah right - jm]

Dear Friend of Freedom,

  My name is Frederick Mann [who? - jm].  I have lived free from  
government coercion of practically all kinds for many years in  
several parts of the world.  I have learned a great deal about  
practical freedom.  I'm now ready to share what I've learned with you  
[for a price -jm].  As you can see from the testimonials in this  
letter [proof by anecdote? - jm] and from the progress reported on  
page 4, I've also become very successful at sharing what I've learned  
about freedom [by getting money from suckers? -jm].  Furthermore, I'm  
providing you with the opportunity to share freedom with others and  
make a fortune while doing so...If you want to [give me money first -  



  Have you been getting that sinking feeling in your gut that things  
are terribly wrong in America?  Do you ever feel that our economic  
future is looking worse as each year passes?  Have you seen of read  
books likes _Bankruptcy 1995_ which say that our entire financial  
structure -- and even civilization itself [oh my! -jm] -- in America  
could collapse within a few years?  Do you sometimes think America is  
being engulfed by a rising tide of political corruption, crime,  
violence, mayhem, [scams -jm] and senseless murder?
   Do you think the government is making things better or worse?   
What do you think of the Waco massacre?  The so-called "war on  
drugs?"  IRS, ATF, and FDA terrorism?  What do you think of the  
government's asset forfeiture laws?  Socialized health care?  Do you  
think America is heading towards fascism or communism -- or the worse  
combination of both?  [asks a lot of questions, doesn't he. -jm]

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST -- IT'S NOT HOPELESS!!!  [phew! I was getting  
worried. - jm]

  Terra Libra is the new dimension in personal freedom, money, and  
power that changes everything.  Our unbeatable weapon is called [drum  
roll please -jm] Freedom Technology.  Terra Libra and Freedom  
Technology represents a societal breakthrough that completely changes  
the dynamics of money, power, domination [ooh, kinky -jm], and  
freedom.  Because of its people, its design, its business dynamics,  
its philosophy, its strategies, its tactics, its elements, its  
products, its networking, and its freedom technology, Terra Libra is  
by far the most advanced freedom organization ever conceived and  
created -- that I know of.  Terra Libra is unstoppable because people  
are by nature free and we have found the keys that enables you to  
enjoy freedom right now and to make a fortune spreading freedom to  


  When you push against a system, it tends to push back.  Some people  
need to push and fight because that's their nature.  The success of  
our fight for freedom is likely to come from the combined results of  
very different strategies and tactics waged over a wide range of  
fronts.  The fundamental Terra Libra strategy is based on the  
understanding that the power of the tyrants comes from the victims.   
The victims surrender power to the tyrants.  If enough victims  
withdraw support, the tyranny collapses.  This is essentially the  
strategy Gandhi used to defeat the British Empire in India.

  One of the greatest strengths of Terra Libra is that we don't try  
to change the systems of tyranny.  We simply create our own free  
systems [who is that John Galt guy anyways? -jm]  Individuals acquire  
the tools to live free despite the tyrants.  Terra Libra and other  
organizations provide the free institutions that replace their  
coercive counterparts.  Such alternatives already exist is areas such  
as currencies, banking, communication, education, health care, etc.   
Eventually practically all the products and services now available in  
the public and private sectors -- and many more -- will be provided  
in the Terra Libra free market.  As people shift their economic  
activities from the public and private sectors into the free market  
of Terra Libra, the forces of tyranny automatically lose support and  
they are blown away.

  Terra Libra is the world's first truly free county.  It is a  
worldwide information-based country that extends across national  
borders.  Its inhabitants are Free Sovereign Citizens.  It has a Code  
based on individual sovereignty, self-ownership, private property,  
and voluntary exchange.  Terra Librans can do anything which doesn't  
harm others or their property.  They practice real or true free  
enterprise.  In fact, Terra Libra is the free-enterprise zone of the  
world.  The "Terra Libra Introductory Package" describes Terra Libra  
in more detail.


  Terra Librans have a "secret weapon" they use to live free despite  
coercive systems.  It's called Freedom Technology: the practical  
knowledge, methods, and skills to live free; the street-smart  
know-how that enables you to run rings around the forces of tyranny;  
the means to protect your income and assets from predatory tyrants;  
and ultimately, the means to blow away the bogus forces of tyranny.

  During the past few decades very powerful Freedom Technology has  
been developed to counterattack and defeat tyrants who violate their  
constitution.  Any reasonably well-informed person can run rings  
around the Infernal Revenue Stealers.  In addition to powerful  
methods to quickly persuade them to leave you alone, commercial liens  
can be used to encumber the personal property and destroy the credit  
rating of corrupt government officials who try to violate your rights  
[huh!? -jm] (see "Commercial Liens: A Most Potent Weapon")

  Freedom Technology enables you to exit most coercive government  
systems safely, legally, and elegantly.  You automatically increase  
your own power.  You gradually or quickly, partially or completely,  
withdraw your support from the tyrants.  So they lose power.  The  
power of the forces of tyranny depend completely on the power granted  
to them by their victims [you already said that -jm].  Withdraw the  
support and they collapse.  It is because of this phenomenon that the  
armed might of the East German military backed by 300,000 Russian  
troops couldn't keep the Berlin wall standing.  When a critical mass  
of people said, "No!!!  We've had enough!!!  We're mad as hell!!!  
We're not going to take it any more!!!" [I saw that movie, too -jm]  
the Berlin wall tumbled.  [and all this time I thought it was cheap  
concrete -jm]

  [skipping a bunch of stuff -jm]


  It's significant that the strongest support for Terra Libra comes  
from people who two qualities [they have money, and they send it to  
strangers -jm]

  o They are practical, successful professionals and business owners;

  o They are advanced freedom-thinkers who have studied the subject  
of freedom extensively and have been involved with other  
organizations that promote freedom [ah, that's how they got my  
address -jm].

  Generally, they regard the formation of Terra Libra and the  
concepts expressed in its reports as the most advanced, most  
practical, and most potentially profitable approach to freedom they  
have ever come across.


  An essential aspect of Terra Libra is Networking between Terra  
Librans.  To live free, we sometimes need expert services, for  
example, on how to beat the Infernal Revenue Stealers.  We also want  
to patronize each other's free-market businesses.  The "Terra Libra  
Introductory Package" includes a Freedom Technology Directory,  
listing our patrons and Professional Liberators.  Following is a  
partial listing from this Directory.

  [list deleted]


  Much more has been achieved than space allows me to mention.  A few  

  o There are now 32 Patrons and 45 Professional Liberators in:  
[various states and countries -jm]

  o Our _Freedom Technology Resource Guide_ contains over 100 entries  
of individuals, organizations, and publications from all over the  
world -- valuable sources of Freedom Technology.

  o The November 1993 issue of the _Orange County Liberty Bell_ ran a  
full-page feature on Terra Libra.

  o The Terra Libra "country" concept has been expanded to include  
"Terra Libra Territories" of which there are already several,  
including the international holdings of a major Pennsylvania  
investment company.

  o An organization has been established to create a worldwide  
economic system with a %100 gold-based currency.  The system will  
interface with current banking systems.  It's organized so that each  
aspect of it is perfectly legal in the country where that aspect  
operates.  Users of the gold-based system will be able to enjoy most  
of the services they now receive from their local bank.  They will be  
able to deposit local currency checks and bank notes.  The system  
will be able to write checks in local currency.  Secure electronic  
transfer will be possible for transactions between users of the  
system [*** ding ding ding *** how secure? -jm].  Users will be able  
to withdraw funds from ATMs.  [can't be too secure then -jm]  The  
gold will be maintained by solid financial institutions, as safe as  
possible from thieves and robbers of all kinds [uh huh, right -jm].   
The gold will be insured and subject to regular independent audit.   
Initial financing has been received and development is proceeding.   
We expect the system to be operational around June 1994.  This system  
could play a major role in creating a solid alternative of being able  
to bank in private and being protected against the collapse of paper  

  o We have developed the mechanisms to market freedom products and  
services profitably.

  o Personnel has grown to six full-time and several part-time.

  o Full-page or multi-page advertisements have appeared or will soon  
appear in _Reason_ magazine, _Libertarian Part News_, _Freedom  
Network News_, _Liberty_ magazine, and other publications.

  o We mail to over 10,000 prospective customers [marks? -jm] every  


  [more stuff skipped]


[descriptions of the things they want you to buy -jm]

  Terra Libra Introductory Package (6 reports) - $22.00

  Introduction to Terra Libra.  The basic concepts and ideas that  
define Terra Libra.  [stuff skipped]


  How to Improve Your Information (report) - $3.00

  Your "win-lose switch" and how it affects the information on which  
you operate.   Freedom and coercion.  Does power corrupt?  How to  
recognize the most useful information.  The American way.  The "best  
legal system in the world."  The Semmelweis-reflex.  The inside-angle  
orientation.  How to improve the programs in your brain.  How to fire  
on all eight cylinders.  Why human consciousness is in it infancy and  
what to do about it.


  How to Find Out Who You Are (report) - $3.00

  The sovereign individual paradigm.  what you need to know about  
disobedience.  The development of consciousness.  Understanding  
coercion.  Understanding evil. [evil? -jm]  What Nietzsche said about  
the state. ["That which does not tax you makes you richer." -jm]  One  
of the most important U.S. Supreme Court cases.  The legal statuses  
of "freeman" and "slave".  How to find out who you are.


  How to Discover Your Freedom (report) - $3.00

  Rose Wilder Lane: pioneer of the self-discovery of freedom.  What  
you need to know to discover your freedom.  how to overcome your  
wimp.  The bicameral model of the mind.  The elements that describe a  
Free Sovereign Individual.  How to seize your freedom.


  The Nature of Freedom (report) - $1.50

  Important definitions of freedom.  The consequences of these  
definitions.  The Terra Libra Strategy.  Many aspects of freedom not  
usually considered.


  Discourse on Voluntary Servitude (report) - $4.50

  Brief biography of Ettiene de la Boetie.  The la Boetie analysis of  
freedom and tyranny.  An abridged and edited text of la Boetie's  
_Discourse on Voluntary Servitude_.  Written in 1552 or 1553, this is  
still one of the most advanced essays on politics ever written.  It  
had a profound influence on the Huegenots (French protestants) and on  
Tolstoy, Emerson, and Gandhi.  It provides insights on freedom and  
tyranny not available anywhere else.


  The Constitution of No Authority (report) - $6.00

  Politics as games.  Cognitive dissonance.  The "big lie"  
phenomenon.  Brief biography of Lysander Spooner.  Elements and  
analysis of the "Spooner-insight": the biggest government hoax of  
all.  Condensed and edited text of Spooner's _The Constitution of No  
Authority_.  The most advanced analysis of political constitutions  
ever written.  To understand the essence of political power you must  
read this report.


  U.S. Federal Jurisdiction (report) - $7.50

  The clauses in the U.S. Constitution that define the jurisdiction  
of the U.S. federal government.  Extensive legal brief by attorney  
Larry Becraft.  Why most of what the U.S. federal government does is  
unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal.  How to use this information  
to roll back the U.S. federal government.


  How to Achieve and Increase Personal Power (report) - $7.50
  [stuff skipped]  How to practice the science of realistic optimism.   
How to overcome your wimp.  [more stuff skipped]


  What's Wrong with the U.S. and other Countries (report) - $4.50

  Why and how America and western European countries have been  
gradually reverting to feudalism.  Are lawyers our biggest enemies  
and the largest beneficiaries of modern feudalism?  How our judicial  
systems have been corrupted.  The role of "compulsory state  
brainwashing."  Inflation and the corruption of currencies.  The ten  
planks of the _Communist Manifesto_ and how they are being  
implemented in the "free countries of the west."  The practical  
things you can do about all this.  How you can profit from the  
collapse of western civilization. [It's the end of the world as we  
know it...and I feel fine. -jm]



  Wake Up America!  The Dynamics of Human Power (book) - $15.00

  The power of Mahatma Gandhi.  Human failure programs and human  
success programs.  How to overcome helplessness and powerlessness.   
How to learn creative optimism.  How to master money and love [and  
win friends and influence people -jm].  The power that brings  
happiness.  Human Power groups to solve personal, economic, and  
social problems.  And much more.


  The Economic Rape of America: What You can Do About It (book) -  

  In depth analysis of all the important ways in which Americans are  
being economically raped.  The worst economic rapists.  People in  
other countries are being economically raped in similar ways.  What  
you as an individual can do to protect yourself.


  How to Achieve Superhealth (report) - $30.00
  [sigh -jm] You can be vastly healthier than you ever dreamed  
possible.  Why you must become your own doctor and assume complete  
personal responsibility for your health.  The germ theory of disease.   
The toxin theory of disease.  The mind theory of disease.  The  
principle of superhealth.  The practice of superhealth.  Directory  
superhealth organizations. [lifetime memberships? -jm]  Bibliography  
of superhealth books.


  AIDS -- Bad Science or Hoax? (book) - $20.00

  Interview (1988) with Dr. Peter Duesberg, one of the world's  
foremost virologists.  [stuff skipped]


  Your Personal Independence Package (book + parchment) - $20.00

  The book _A Personal Declaration of Independence: To Complete the  
American Revolution_ by Paine's Torch.  [description of parchment  


  The Pure Trust Package (video, booklet, 5 reports, brochures) -  

  The Pure Trust is a superb method to increase your privacy and  
safeguard your assets.  Video on the Pure Trust.  Two introductory  
brochures.  A booklet explaining the trust in more detail.  The Pure  
Trust in a nutshell -- technical details.  A privacy and asset  
protection report.  The Pure Trust can be used instead of a  
corporation to operate a business.  It eliminates probate and estate  
duties.  It may reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.  It can be  
used to diversify your assets into separate "watertight  
compartments."  It renders you virtually judgment-proof.  It can  
reduce of eliminate the need for liability insurance.  And much more.


  Beat-the-IRS Package (5 reports) - $49.00

  What you need to know and understand about yourself and government  
if you want to greatly reduce or eliminate the taxes you pay.  The  
IRS has many skeletons in its closet.  All the important weaknesses  
of the IRS.  The important U.S. Supreme Court cases you can use to  
beat the IRS.  Why the IRS mostly goes after the "easy pickings."  A  
real-life example of how the IRS backs down when confronted with  
someone who knows their weaknesses and how to drive them into a  
corner from which they can't escape.  Organizations that help you to  
"untax" yourself.  How they work.  How to choose the best one for  
you.  The dangers and risks to avoid.


  The Asset Forfeiture Protection Manual (book) - $49.00

  It is unconstitutional, illegal, and criminal for government agents  
to seize your property without a jury trial.  The relevant Supreme  
Court cases.  The procedures and forms to recover your property.  The  
forms and procedures to prosecute government criminals who illegally  
seize private property.  Where to get expert assistance.


  Commercial Liens: A most Potent Weapon (book) - $49.00

  How to use commercial liens to protect your property.  How to use  
commercial liens to encumber the property of government criminals and  
destroy their credit records.  Forms and procedures.  Mistakes to  
avoid.  Where to get expert assistance.



 [The last page is an order form.  You can order individual items or  
the whole package.  If you order all the products individually it  
would cost $334.50.  If you order them as a package it's only $167.   
Also, you can check a box to indicate your desire to become a *Terra  
Libra Distributor* and get a *FREE Distributor Package* with your  
order.  Oh boy. -jm]


 [Oh yeah, their address:  Terra Libra, 2430 E. Roosevelt #998LF,  
Pheonix, AS 85008]