1994-04-19 - Banyan Vines / USMC

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From: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
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UTC Datetime: 1994-04-19 22:05:24 UTC
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From: SGT=DARREN=S.=HARLOW%ISB%MCTSSA@nwsfallbrook3.nwac.sea06.navy.mil
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 15:05:24 PDT
To: cypherpunks%toad.com@pucc.princeton.edu
Subject: Banyan Vines / USMC
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	The Banyan Vines network was used extensively in Desert 
Storm/Shield/Sweep.  Before the network was in place, people were using a 
single channel radio relay box called the Hadron.  It was capable of being 
used with the KY-57 (crypto) on the PRC-77 (single channel radio), as well as 
satcom (PSC-3).

	Once the network was up and in place.  Internet shots were 
coordinated with Quantico, VA, so that the supply cycles, and requests could 
be sent in real time.  Not every Marine tank was a Banyan server, networks 
were installed down to the regiment HQ level.  Remote shots were done over 
MUX lines with KG-84 as the crypto, on a four wire leased circuits.  This 
allowed for secure communications within the theater of operations, as well 
as unclassified communications with the rear (stateside).  A number of 
different ways are available to the Marine Corps to talk to remote spots, and 
new ways are being found all of the time.  If there is further interest, I 
would be more than happy to post further to the list.

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