1994-05-06 - Re: Regarding Mr. Nalbandian’s Comments

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From: grendel@netaxs.com (Michael Brandt Handler)
To: albright@chaph.usc.edu (Julietta)
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UTC Datetime: 1994-05-06 11:01:14 UTC
Raw Date: Fri, 6 May 94 04:01:14 PDT

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From: grendel@netaxs.com (Michael Brandt Handler)
Date: Fri, 6 May 94 04:01:14 PDT
To: albright@chaph.usc.edu (Julietta)
Subject: Re: Regarding Mr. Nalbandian's Comments
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> Michael Brandt Handler writes:
> > goal). As it has been said more and more often, 'Cypherpunks write CODE!'.
> 	You know, I keep hearing this- why is it that you all seem to think
> that writing code is mutually exclusive from talking the politics of
> cryptography? Is it so hard to do two things at one time??? I'm sorry, I
> just don't get it..

	Julie, please reread this portion of my message.

GR> This is a discussion group about the practicality and
GR> implementation of specific forms of cryptography and cryptographic
GR> applications (digital money, key servers, etc). [ This is not to
GR> belittle the political content of the group, though. ] Groups like 
	I read and enjoy both the coding discussions as well as the
political talk. They're not exclusive in any way.

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