1994-06-06 - Re: Help A Novice Understand

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From: jamesd@netcom.com (James A. Donald)
To: MWayne@eworld.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-06-06 14:36:43 UTC
Raw Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 07:36:43 PDT

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From: jamesd@netcom.com (James A. Donald)
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 94 07:36:43 PDT
To: MWayne@eworld.com
Subject: Re: Help A Novice Understand
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MWayne@eworld.com writes
> I have been reading the list for a couple of months now and have come across
> the names of two people who seen to stir some very serious passions, David
> Sternlight, & L. Detweiller.
Sternlight is a big wheel in government.  What makes him a
big wheel is classified.  He is physically close to a major
NSA center.  He has been accused of being NSA, and has not
denied it.
He campaigns tirelessly, endlessly, and repetitiously
against PGP, and against crypto for the masses.
He will never admit to being wrong in argument, and will
just go on repeating claims that have been proven false.
His posts are well written and well informed, but
invariably false or misleading, and usually highly
He is an extraordinarily profligate poster, which makes me
suspect he has a several secretaries assisting him.
Detweiller is a moderate statist with middle of the road
political views.  Naturally he got severely flamed.  There
are a number of anarchists on this list who can never
disagree with or correct somebody without attacking that
persons honor, intelligence, and worth.
Detweiller posts endless and repetitious flames, much of it
severely deranged. Nobody talks to him any more, so he
largely talks to himself.  He floods newsgroups with
irrelevant and repetitious garbage.  Many of his postings
verge on mailbombing, they are such random garbage.  He
frequently posts under other names, but makes little effort
to conceal his real identity.
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