1994-06-22 - Re: Cellular Telephone Experimenter’s Kit (2600 article)

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From: pcw@access.digex.net (Peter Wayner)
To: Michael Handler <grendel@netaxs.com>
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UTC Datetime: 1994-06-22 22:59:08 UTC
Raw Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 15:59:08 PDT

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From: pcw@access.digex.net (Peter Wayner)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 94 15:59:08 PDT
To: Michael Handler <grendel@netaxs.com>
Subject: Re: Cellular Telephone Experimenter's Kit (2600 article)
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This CTEK sounds like a fun toy and I guess I'm glad that it can't be
used for cellular phone fraud. That would be an illegitimate use. But,
monitoring cell phone traffic is a crime now, right? Is there a legitimate
use for the device? Can anyone think of one? 

-Peter Wayner