1994-06-16 - Re: Digital timestamping…

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From: “Phil G. Fraering” <pgf@srl.cacs.usl.edu>
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
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UTC Datetime: 1994-06-16 23:51:39 UTC
Raw Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 16:51:39 PDT

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From: "Phil G. Fraering" <pgf@srl.cacs.usl.edu>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 16:51:39 PDT
To: cypherpunks@toad.com
Subject: Re: Digital timestamping...
Message-ID: <199406162351.AA14452@srl03.cacs.usl.edu>
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Just checking, Tim, but you said earlier that Bellcore currently
holds the patent rights to the setup described by Haber and Stornetta,
I think in email, right?

(Please note: I'm not currently trying to say anything about software patents
or the like; just checking some factual data that might be useful to the